Make More Money Online By Boosting Your Affiliate Commissions

Many people considered affiliate business as the one of the tough businesses. Especially with regards to saving money, because some believe that in this kind of business you can’t escape spending money for its marketing.

Back to the good days when internet marketing was still in its infancy period, most of the people who were introduced to your affiliate business were more incline to avail the opportunity without any shadow of doubt. But nowadays the kind of business is getting tougher because of a lot of competition lurking around. Moreover the people are now behaving more cynical, it’s a miracle if you find a few who won’t.

Moreover, a lot of unscrupulous people are spreading out there waiting to take advantage of you. Just a single flaw of the system and you will observe several of them coming like a herd. Same might happen to your affiliate commission tracker system. Other people will make more money online instead of you who do the hardwork. They may manipulate your affiliate id by replacing their own id, thus, making money from you instantly without any hassle.

Let’s take a look that some of the affiliate links may be in the form of

In the above format your affiliate id is passed as a parameter. The hijacker will just change your id to their id, that allow you silently to put your money to his pocket quickly.

In some cases, your visitors of your website can’t afford to know that your making money out of him. So what they will do is bypassing you by removing your affiliate id.

Here’s your affiliate id – the bypassing happens when a person remove your id and leave plainly the URL, without your affiliate id attached anymore.

Bang! you never make money through your commission which is deserving to you.

Statistics has shown that this scenario causes around 30% of losing money.

You may observe I used the term most and not all hijackers, because some of the professional hijackers know very well about html and hard coding that might get your affiliate link. But they are only a few in number, most of the hijackers are simply opportunists who will take advantage if it’s easy to do.

The easiest way to hide your affiliate link from the eyes of hijackers is by using javascript redirection page.

A way, wherein you could totally hide your affiliate link in a particular page of your website via simple javascript that redirects your visitors to your own affiliate link.

Your actual affiliate link is not visible in your advertisements such as email and ezine, but, once click they are redirected to your real affiliate link. This would eventually drive you to make money online more.

The drawback here is that some of the affiliate program such as clickbank will show your affiliate id in the browser address bar.

So if your visitor has a keen eye he will observe that he has been redirected via affiliate link.

If you go for a safer way to hide your affiliate link from the sharp eyes, then use an invisible frame that simply masks your affiliate link as if your sending the visitors to a page of your website, wherein actually your displaying to them your affiliate link page.

This kind of tactic is widely used by several domain redirection service websites.

This would be catch by someone who knows to view the source page, because it gives him an idea that your using a frame and displayed an affiliate page.

The best solution to this is to make use of javascript encryption at would not readable by anyone.

I admit there’s no perfect solution to this issue, but always bear in your mind that to make more money online via your affiliate link, make it a habit to appear your affiliate link not too obvious for a visitor to detect that your making money out of them.

If they won’t able to view your affiliate link then the more possibility you make more money online as fast as possible.

Make Money Online with Ezine

You maybe wondering why you’ve spent almost a year publishing an email newsletter but still you notice no any good results in making money online.Justify Full

Don’t be worry – you might just play the other way around that is absolutely not effective. So, pay attention to the following five helpful ways to make more money online via your ezine for the next month after.

1. Make a loud noise of your horn once more.

The saying still holds true that if you do not blow your own horn, someone will do it for you openly. If your intention is to provide relevant and quality information to your loyal readers and make a positive difference to their lives and businesses, then you're a hero for them. But how about taking care at the same time for the welfare of yourself. Get at least 20 percent of your ezine space and make it help you to make a decent money online.

You may provide promos for your products and services or affiliate programs. List your customer’s testimonials who love your promotion. Put in also your success stories to your articles. You may share something interesting and funny to talk about like your past vacation or weekend that would make your customers feel more closer to you.

2. Make an offer that nobody can refuse

Let’s assume I am one of your loyal subscribers. Even if I know that you have a great products or services, still I’m gonna to make my own action or choice. To lure me , you may offer a special time-limited deal. Such as 30% discount for the first 50 customers who avail of your products or services. Or you make the offer expire after 7 weeks period. If this will be your approach I will be more receptive to buy from you because of such scarcity strategy.

Hope you would not overlook this effective tactic being practice by a lot of internet gurus. It’s just simply an application of the law of supply and demand.

3. Package your deal at a lower price.

This is more often applied by service professionals such as trainers and consultants. Your customers know that the best way to get a quality from you is to hire you in one –on- one basis. But sadly to say majority of your customers might not afford at your high price of service. That’s why they’re more interested at lower price choices such as group training and coaching , online seminars, or simply reading an ebook.

Therefore, even if your customer can’t afford buying at your high price, you still have the best option to lower your price that majority of your customers can afford buying. Such as creating an informational ebook that laid out your step by step coaching. It may just cost them 7 dollars but to you thousands of dollars from your thousands of customers eager to buy. Thus, in this approach you make more money online as well as helping other people.

4. Promote a products or services that best complements yours.

Have you experience in a situation that your customer ask a certain product that is closely related to yours but not what your offering to them? If this happens again, you better find a good product that give you a resell rights to sell to your customer base and the one that put you a good reputation.

Refrain from recommending whatever kind of product or service that your readers would regret buying from you. It’s difficult to bring back the trust that you’ve founded for years just in this one mistake.

5. Sell ad space relevant to your offering.

Ezine ads would make you more money online as more advertisers are willing to pay from your advertising space. Majority of the ezines offer sponsor ad space at the top location and most of the classified ad space at the bottom location. Sponsor ads make you money online 3 to 6 times more compared to classified ads.

To help you find an appropriate advertiser for your advertising space, you may submit your ezine to various ezine directories online. These directories will match appropriately an advertiser and publisher.

Just always remember to make a decision that would not destroy the good perception of your customers to the quality of your ezine content. Be selective in choosing an ad that is not relevant to the readers interests. This would make you a winner!

For newbies, I highly recommend to consider the Mike Filsaime's Ezine Marketing 4 Newbies.

Make Money Fast Online with Forex

It has been projected that the foreign trading exchange market constantly moving towards $2 trillion daily and known as the biggest and most liquid in the entire world.

The small and risk-oriented investors nowadays have difficulty to tap in this lucrative market because of the extremely size of transactions and the stiff entry via financial requirements, that has totally changed ever. But the entry only requires a small amount of capital, thus opening the Forex to all interested investors.

Do the small investor could make money online on the Forex? The quick answer is absolutely , Yes. But, hold on a minute, not quite so quick as you think for beginners!

Smaller speculators assume that Forex provides a fastest and easiest way to make money. Yet, this may be true for others who are well-versed but newbies should take a precautions before going to any sizeable trades. The vital step before going to this lucrative endeavor is a proper education about Forex.

In Forex, understanding the basics must be put in order before going to develop deeper knowledge of how to trade successfully. In currency exchange market it doesn’t have a main physical location for conducting tradings. Trading is basically done directly between banks, foreign investors, and foreign currency dealers via computer terminals, telephone lines, and broker desks. Thus, Forex is over the counter.

So far, more often currency exchange trading happens online. This is due to the most recently flourishing growth of Forex. Forex can be conducted 24-hour a day across all countries worldwide. So, anyone who has an internet connection and a computer could comfortably participate in the trading and be one of the investors who are in a look out to make money online fast.

The good thing, speculators can make use of the various online free tutorials available, in order for him or her to take advantage of the market. A good advice for all the beginners, is that before going seriously to undertake trading with the real money, it’s much better to gain a good confidence level by paper trading in a trial account. For the beginner, making the first trade can be daunting to try. With the demo account provided by Forex brokerage, the newbie trader can have a solid hands-on experience and boost his or her confidence without to risk any real money. A newbie could practice trading for a sufficient period of time before taking seriously of the real currency trading.

Another smart way in starting make money with Forex is to register yourself of mini-account provided by brokers. With little investment, you are confident to take the first try and get your feet wet than with a full-blown trading type of account.

The great characteristic of currency trading is you could know quickly if you gained a good profits in just a matter of minutes or even in seconds. This is because of the rapid variations happening in the foreign exchange market. So, it is a lucrative place to make money fast.

You may take advantage of a signal services that can help you make more money surely in Forex much easier and quicker. A signal service will give you the real-time update on the market changes by sending the information via your computer or cellphone. Thus, you could make an instant sound trading decision.

Just be at caution all the time, because a number of scammers are busy taking advantage of this kind of market. Make it sure that you’re trading with a trusted licensed broker . Don’t allow to let other to the trading for you, but only you.

You can really make money online fast in the Forex Market. It is highly accessible in a 24 hours a day from its highly liquid kind of market. Great opportunity to make more money merely lies at the tip of our fingers. Just take cautious measures as mentioned above. Acquire sufficient knowledge in much deeper level using free online tutorials and demo provided by broker services. This will eventually give you the solid foundation to make a fast money on Forex Trading.

Make Money with Online Banner Adverstising

For those who want to invest money in a business, going online business would give a lucrative option. We all observe the fast changing of market due to the advent of online business. The main source of profit from online business is the online advertising that produces a good revenue. One of these online advertising methods is the banner advertisement, that will make you more money online.

A certain online banner advertising company would sell a banner to make money online and the advertiser could also make money online by the traffic gains to their site that gives them a good click through rate of their banner ad.

It is considered that an online banner advertisement is more attractive to generate a voluminous traffic on websites. People are receptive to click a banner ad being displayed at your website. To get a good number of clicks on a banner ad, it must be put on the top of website in order to get the visitors’ attention of their first visit.

Banner ad tracking of the traffic it gained would be helpful to determine the effective placement and the tpe of design of your banner. An online banner advertising functions on the idea of a kind of advertising where it intends to capture the attention of website visitors, invoke interest, and desire to get more info that would direct them to take an action by clicking the banner ad.

To ensure your online business banner advertising a success, you may consider availing the digital marketing agency services. They are professional in their process and make use of effective marketing tools to make the customer online business make more money. Numerous banner advertising agencies out there are doing best in their interfacing between the advertisers and the target visitors to ensure that they’re moving in a right direction.

Therefore to make money online with online business you must consider going for online banner advertising. Make an attractive banner design to place them in the visible place of website and in return make a decent money online quickly.

Make Money Online with Yuwie

Yuwie is a fast growing online social network on record. This kind of cutting-edge technology of social network will pay you of what you normally do to other big players of social networks such as MySpace.

Yuwie is primarily dependent on the contributions from hundreds of thousands of online users building up their social network. The positive difference of Yuwie to Myspace is that it partakes its advertising revenue to its loyal members. The more a member make use of Yuwie technology and have fun with socializing other members, the more you make more money online fast.

There are so many websites out there giving more of the same Yuwie offers to us, but as I looked into the Alexa ranking of Yuwie, I'm completely amazed. Today, it ranks around 15,000 out of the billions of popular websites . It shows to be an extraordinary quick moving even at its very early days.

Last 3rd of August, it had a competing rank of around 50,000, so it's amazingly moving up at a very fast pace indeed .

One more great feature of Yuwie is that you can leverage your time and effort and make more money online when you recommend Yuwie to the rest of your friends like a network marketing system do. Who won’t dare to signup from the lucrative offer of Yuwie especially its totally free to join.

The existing advertising revenue comes primarily from Adsense so it’s a good way to make money online by Google.

So what’s the future of Yuwie? I do not know exactly yet. The important factor I considered is the fast gaining of popularity of its cool interface and functionalities with its capability to handle fast growing mass of members.

Only the time will attest whether the opportunity to make more money with Yuwie is attractive and helpful to the wide range of users.

It’s a smart decision to take advantage early on and be a potential winner to make more money online with Yuwie.

Make Money Online with Adsense

Majority of website owners know the potential to make more money online via Adsense. They go after identifying the high paying keywords and put into their website pages and expecting to keep the money rolling coming in to their pocket every single month.

Putting the high paying keywords to your pages is just one thing to consider. But driving targeted visitors to your pages is another thing that often neglected by most.

So the very significant thing is to drive in visitors to your high paying keyword website pages. Therefore, you must go for optimization of your website navigation.

Adsense is known to be one of the best tools of a website owners. It gives you a great opportunity to make substantial money online easily. If it will be done properly, then it would exceedingly provide you a massive incomer every month in the long run period. However, if you’re not playing it the right way then it’s just your leaving a large amount of money on the table.

How can you start making money online with Adsense can be done fast and easy way. Yes, you will be shock of the good results it may bring to you in only a short time period.

All of the things will start via your quality content articles that are keyword rich. Many people are fun of writing and good of dealing with words. So writing articles is favorable to them. Why not tapping these people and make them work for you, which eventually gives you the highest returns.

You may have witnessed how Google adsense has been a hot topic from different discussion boards, and newsletters across the globe. Already heard from successful people stories about making millions in just purely from Adsense by just staying at home. It has been said that Adsense is extremely dominating the online business and now treated as the simplest and fastest way to make money online.

The secret to success is simply placing the adsense on your pages that are getting the most number of traffic of visitors for your high paying keywords. The higher the cost per click to google advertiser, the more money you make per click from your website.

Many people are getting online today and making almost a habit of clicking everywhere. So it’s not wonder why this opportunity hits to everyone who wanted to make money online.

How much you will make money online with adsense will merely depend on how much the advertisers are paying for the ads. Keyword selection will matter too. If the keywords are in high demand, then you could get more dollars per click. Otherwise, a low demand keywords will give you a few bucks per click.

Make Money Online with Your Passion

One of the toughest decisions you feel hard to do is making decision concerning of what kind of business you will venture. Experts say that you need an emotional investment first in order to have the persistence and determination to make your business grow and be successful. More importantly, you must have the passion of what business you would like to undertake. With regards to women they mistakenly have an assumption that they have no essential skills to make money online by working at home. Here are the following ways for a woman to find a good niche for her business of which she is personally passionate about.

First thing is you will need an idea notebook. This is an effective tool for your learning process. You will make use in the’s guided approach. It’s just simply like a 50 cents spiral notebook. Consider also finding a highlighter that will essential to help you choose the ideas you love to implement. You may go for three highlighter colors, to clearly categorize your ideas during note taking session with one color each for the labels: “No way that is not for Me”, “Maybe, I will look into it more”, “Yes, it’s perfect!”. Eventually this will help to make an easy business plan. At this moment, don’t let the idea of creating a business plan fear you…it’s for your advantage.., and helps you to make your business surely a success.

Work with your passion, and in order to propel it, you must start with your mission statement. Put into writing in the first page of your notebook the reason why you love to venture into business. Then, make a positive statement from the top 3 important reasons for you to start a business. You may put these into words like this…”I will develop a lucrative online business where I can have a time and financial freedom for myself, family and to the service of God and others.”

Make your reasons very personal because nobody will see if you intend, except you. But it has its power if you put the statement into writing. This will give you strength in the moments who feel not succeeding. Failure is just a process of winning the game of success. Just keep you heart on your mission, and surely you have no other room but to succeed!

Now, you must find your passion to begin. Start listing all the things you feel enjoyed doing it over and over agin. Use the column of the next page of your notebook for your write up. May it be putting on children’s birthday parties? Reading about novels? Or May it be listening to love songs? Don’t think any wrong grammar or spelling at this moment, just let your ideas flow naturally and effortlessy. Later you have time to edit on it. Don't limit your thinking especially in the area you have talent or skill doing at enjoyment. For sure great ideas will surface beyond your conscious thinking. Simply spend a little time on this step. After all, your business future success might be on this second page of your notebook!

You might have now long list of ideas, proceed to the next step. Make a shortlist of your most favorite options.

Now at this point you may discover the one or two things you considered that you have the passion to do for the rest of your life. Because you personally live it, love it, and know a lot about it. I know you want to start earnestly at this subject.

You may notice that I'm talking more about varied passions. This is simply to show you that you’re not limited to business ideas that you have the burning passion. As long as there’s a hungry market, and people are badly want to learn about a subject you love to and of course there’s a way for you to make money from it, then you can make this into your very own business.

Now, let’s check if you could make money online with your passion by knowing if there’s a good market available. You may use Google Adword keyword tool to type in the main keywords of your subject. Keywords are the words used by anyone who are searching information via search engines. The said tool will give you the number of searches of the keywords. This is the best way of knowing how big is you market is, and what type of information they are looking for. If you find a thousands of searches, then you have a good market of your passion and eventually you could make money online out of it.

However, if for instance your passion has only a small market, and prevent you to make more money online. That’s okay you have several reserved ideas in your notebook to pick for, that you have passion to undertake. Just be confident to proceed eyeing in your next list. I’m sure you will soon find it with the lucrative market. And from there you can have your new business online!

Make Money Online with Surveys

If you are doubtful about the concept to make money online via surveys, then you will be happy to hear about that it’s indeed possible. They might not make you rich jerk like other sites boldly claim but they can able you to make money online in an easy way every month.

To make the most money of this kind of opportunity you must look for and join as many online companies offering you a lucrative surveys. If you limit yourself to just a several number of companies, then it will seriously limit the number of survey offers your get and thus make you less money.

I would highly prefer to recommend you to join at least 50 companies and more would be great to for you to make more money online than others. Most of the people taking online surveys make it successful are those who make themselves to be a member of more than 100 companies. If you seriously need to be successful on this endeavor you may double the number.

This is not totally hard for you to achieve because there are many websites available for support. Some are free and some are worthy the money of investment. You may pay a little as 5 dollars for membership fee for you to access the long list of companies that you can join and take the survey offers. But be at caution, some these companies are not worth to join for, some may have broken links but a good list provider will always update their list. You may considering visiting Maximum Paid Surveys.

To be a member is only a single step to the complete process. You may make a habit to join between 5 to 10 companies per day as this will not take you much time and effort.

So, anyone can make money online at surveys as numerous companies nowadays are offering surveys that they essentially need for their product or service innovation. Their money paying to you are a good investment for them to succeed in their business. For you as well to help these companies, your honest answers to the surveys will help them to offer you more and thus, make you more money online as well. It's a win-win situation!

If you find comfortable now , to try and determine to succeed on how to make money online via online surveys, then find time to get valuable information on paid surveys at Online Best Surveys.

Make Money Online Fast by Taking Pictures

Unemployment is the main issue people face due to the downturn of our economy. People are now more inclined to find ways on how to make money fast at online. It’s difficult to hunt a job of this global economic crises. If your not a expert of your field, then surely the competition is against you. You way out, I suggest, is to venture and start your own digital photography home business, you will just taking pictures you love to by your digital camera. While staying at home, together with your family, you may absolutely do this business, by simply placing your pictures for sale at on the internet and make money online every time anyone uses your photo and gets a license from you.

Exactly, you can make money online at home via your own camera and a good pictures you’ve got. The great thing about this kind of photography business is you have the full control to upload unlimited number of photos you like to photo websites and then make money online fast every single time someone make use of your pictures. You can have also a residual income coming endlessly, just in a single photo, when a number of people and anyone interested to use it over and over again with the same photo. Yes, anybody can do it. You just simply need a digital camera, and your passion to make the best shoots.

There are several benefits you can get by just selling you photos online. One of these, you can do it at the comfort of your home at your own time. Your main concern here is to send your photos to a stock photography website. Anyone who are searching to buy a picture for use on their own website or any advertising purposes, may look for this website and buy rights to make use of your picture. You have also the right to send your photos to several photography websites and make money online quickly if someone buy your pictures. The pay rates are more often around 20% of its purchase cost. The very only limit of this kind of business is the number of pictures you love to submit to photography websites, the more submission you’ve made, the more you can make money fast at online as you imagine.

You may turn to take the first step at CameraDollarsInfo that will show you the step-by-step on knowing which photography websites can make you money fast and get the highest profits. They will guide you everything you essentially need to do the business at home with your very own digital camera. You will know everything on how to use your camera to snap pictures as well as submitting them online and introduce you the list of companies that will able you to make money online handsomely for simply just submitting your pictures online.

Start you successful journey to make money online fast with your digital photos at

How to make money online using your YouTube Videos

There are surmountable number of opportunities to make real money online due to the advent of Internet technologies around the globe. Have you taken the opportunity to make money at YouTube? Making money on YouTube is considered ,nowadays, as the quickest way to make money fast online. It’s a hearsay to us about the popularity YouTube gains. Imagine of how many millions of visitors everyday revisiting YouTube just to view videos.

Actually , doing Video Marketing at YouTube is not difficult at all, as long your interested and know what you’re doing. The following would be a helpful tips for you to get your feet wet on how to make money online with YouTube.

Plan It.

First things first is planning. Plan your actions to do before you start creating videos for YouTube. Make sure that you’ve made a well plan of what type of video you will be creating and the type of market your targeting into. It should be a right match to the interest of your market or else all your effort will be put into useless.

Find out other related videos you intend to create and the appropriate affiliate products or services you want to promote. This will give you a great idea on how to make your video marketing a success, given the right product or service to promote and the target market as well as your competitors.

Do proper Keyword Research.

Identifying your target keywords that are mostly used by your target market is a great contributory factor for your success, with YouTube marketing. Just focus on the keywords that have highest volume of searches. You may need the help of the free tool provided by Google Adwords keyword tool.

Doing the keyword targeting properly gives you a winning advantage with your competitors, who most often ignore totally this step. If really done properly, you videos may appear to the search engine result pages that can give you a tons of traffic.

Study of what’s already working.

Be smart to study the popular videos that gain a number of hits. Observe what made them gain so many views. Ask yourself what made them popular? And pay close attention to the details such as the thumbnail, length of the video, image, and the keywords they’re targeting.

By considering this information, will be a great help for you to make the most targeted video towards your target visitors. This will give you a good chance of getting tons of views or hits and eventually make more money online fast.

Put in the keywords in you title.

Putting your target keyword at your video title will effectively help your target visitors find you easily. This strategy will give you more views and ultimately make you more money online.

Now, you are with me that YouTube is not actually difficult of what you think. Just remember the simple steps when it comes to YouTube marketing, making a plan of actions, do keyword and market research, is primarily a must for you to be successful and make money in this field of interest.

Even though I’ve share a few key tips here to succeed at video marketing and make money online as well. You may take the next level knowledge from the top online video marketers, in order to seriously explode your potential to make more money on this kind of marketing opportunity.

Are You Searching To Make Money Fast Online?

Are you really serious to make money fast at online? Well, you’re in the right information to read on. We all know that thru the advent of Internet everything has change at a past pace especially with regards to making money or doing business.

I will share you here the basic tools for you to use and make money fast online. The tools are primarily use for your advertising that eventually give you long run success.

Just feel free to give a few bucks for investment and then exceedingly make money fast online just in little investment that seems to be free at all. Here are the following methods:

Pay Per Click Advertising

My top of the list to recommend is the google Adwords, and consider also Yahoo search marketing and MSN Microsoft Ad Center. This kind of advertising is so effective if you know how to do it the right way. Don’t worry a solid training and tutorials are provided in the respective PPC providers. At PPC you will only paid to the company for every click of your ad, it doesn’t matter how many times it appears to different websites. Many people now are making a decent money out of this method.

Banner Advertising

This is also known as media buys. You will pay the company based on the impressions of your banner at their website. Unlike pay per click, here you will pay based on the number of impressions or how many times your ad has been seen by visitors. More often the cost is based on 1000 impressions made.

If you choose to look into the long term viewpoint to make money fast at online, here are some of the effective methods to make money fast online, that gurus are keep doing it.

Article Marketing

An effective way not respective by many is to make an article closely related to what your offering. This would give a good conversion to your advertising. Article if properly well done is by nature a viral kind of advertising. Thus, you can’t escape to make money fast online. The long term advantage of article writing is the more articles you write and submitted to different article directories, the more you chances to make money fast online dramatically.

Submit one way links

Here, your tapping the search engines great help to your endeavor to make money fast online. One way linking is the best method to gain a high popularity of your site and get the highest search engine ranking position. You may submit one links by using different marketing strategies such as article marketing, blog commenting, forum marketing, social bookmarking, directory submissions, and video marketing. The purpose of these is to make a link pointing back to your website and helpful to gain the respect of search engines.

Justify Full

No More Recession In A Business That Makes Money Online

There might be hundred of thousands of articles about the global economic recession that we could find on the internet. Giving us a lot information out there that more and more people every single day are put into jobless situation and worried too much about their hopeless condition and these internet sources gives us also good promises about a business opportunities on how to make money online.

The hilarious thing is that instead of helping people to make money online they are asking people money for them to make money online. What a crap idea!

Looking for a recession proof kind of business must be a type of business that will work immediately, and not to wait for a few months, and of course you must know exactly what you’re doing. Even if you painstakingly willing to take several months to dig up such information but still it’s undoubtedly realistic to do it by yourself quickly.

But with video training kind of marketing, you won’t need to spend long time searching the internet endlessly, nor give away your few bucks of money. It is known as the new kind of marketing strategy that effectively works easily for everyone and continuously.

I sense that this is a kind of recession proof business that you love to get in. A business that continuously works even while you are together with your family, enjoying vacation and even sleeping. Most of the people are wishing to have a business without any hassle of inventory control and other tiresome business processes such as rushing out to the post office every sales made.

I agree that selling products may work, but the work term will be equated to a serious operation. That’s the reason why companies more likely to charge much on handling. It’s because of the hard monotonous work that either you do it by yourself or hire someone do the work.

Plus the tracking of large inventory that most of the companies are strict on doing it regularly. Even if the product is too small, still an inventory control must be strictly followed, to make sure that the product will never run out of order. The worst thing if a certain business is dependent on the production of products from other business. If they stop making such product then the business will no choice of stopping.

But, having a kind of intangible product will allow you to make money online roll by itself without worrying to handle anything. It is all there 24 hours a day in 7 days , the whole year round. And mostly, no need to worry about any inventory control.

One best example of this is the video training marketing which is completely hassle free way to make money online without too much effort exerted into it, by just keeping it streaming all the time and you probably make it in less than a day. After then, you decide what to do with your money. It’s really a recession proof type of business. Why not make a try?

Make Money Online with eBay

Making money with eBay is a simple process that only a few people incline to success. Most of the people is just simply setup their eBay account and sell a few of the products then never dare to come back. The way I see it is that they are not convinced of the high potential income eBay will bring to them. They don’t realize the decent high income it gives to them in the means of their eBay stores. If it is just created in the proper way, I’m sure millions of people will interested to view your store and gives you good profits.

The following simple to follow tips with regards to creating an eBay store would be helpful for you to consider.

1. Make use of products that are closely related such as video games, computers, and others to mention in your own eBay store. Because the more focus your store is, the more targeted customers you will have.

2. Make a habit to get involved with wholesalers and drop shipping in order to have your shipping more efficient and more convenient, giving you a less time or supervision on that matter. Thus you could direct more of your time to marketing and advertising your own store.
3. Keep in mind that your eBay store is business for you to make money online . So always make it sure it’s professional by promoting products that customers are more likely to spend their money on. The more professional packaging of your eBay store to the eyes of your customers, the more repeat customers you will have and continue to buy from your store. Of course, make money as well.

4. You go for selling products in different categories. This is important, for you to tap every potential customer that is looking around your niche. Only a few of the people find good to search the same category all over again. Keep diversifying your promotion to different category listings so that your potential buyers are no escape from buying you.

5. Make your eBay store a good personal outlook. Make a difference from other stores by updating your backgrounds and images. Use your creativity, but use with caution. Such as avoiding using bold in every word. Focus more on making a unique initiative to the products your selling.

Putting up your own online business on eBay is an easy process to follow that will able you to make big amount of money online at the comfort of your home. You create a good place for customers to come back and buy items they badly need. Just always make sure to be supportive and be trustworthy at all times. Customer feedback is too important to make your online business grow to higher level and be successful.

If you want to make more money at your eBay store, look for the right price for your products by comparing it to other products similar to yours. Thus, making money with eBay thru your store is a process that only a few people know about it. You only need here a little time and a little research to your way out to make more money at online thru your eBay store.

Make Money Online with Website Flipping

More and more people want to learn how to flip websites to make money online to the most. But what they didn’t realize that it needs some skills to know the marketing side of the internet to add a value to the website. An understanding about search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, article marketing, and other internet marketing ideas are crucial to succeed in flipping a website.

Some people purchased websites without considering the volume of hits to that websites. Traffic is the most significant thing for a website because it’s the basis of how saleable your website is. So being an aspired website flipper you must consider expanding traffic as the primary thing to specialize.

Another challenge brings to people who go for website flipping business is search engine optimization. Finding ways to get the first page position of website at search engine result pages would be a challenging endeavor to undertake from it fierce competition. But the reward of having a good search engine ranking is far off it goes in the long-run with regard to make money online. Yes, pay-per-click or article marketing may give you good traffic too, but it gives you only a short time effect , because majority of the online surfers prefer to use search engine for looking information.

An important thing also to consider in a successful website flipping is its unique and fresh content. The content may come in creating articles or reviews and among others. Article is an effective marketing tool especially if it has a viral in nature. If you have good quality of articles and promoting them will eventually give you an improvement of your page rank in no time. Google rewards you of targeted traffic if you meet its requirements in having a quality and originality of content.

But don’t approach it too seriously as the only way to make money online with your website because article marketing would able you to make money online also as well as gives you quality backlinks to your site which is crucial in search engine optimization. Thus, you’re hitting two birds at the same time. If you really not dare to give time to do personally the search engine optimization, you could resort to outsourcing. There are a lot of good companies around who will seriously handle your search engine optimization needs including link building, improving your page rank and get a quality content. If these are strictly accomplished, then you can’t stop getting the sweet juices of traffic from search engines. That will soon convert and make you more money online.


Give you access to a directory of high-quality digital products with resell rights.
Click here for the details.

The Simple Code Manuscript

How To Make Money Using The W+P+C+T+L=$ Formula The Guru's Swear By.
Click here for the details.

Master Success Secrets

The Banshee System

eWriterPro - Professional eBook Creator

Help you create beautiful professional quality e-Book at the touch of a button with this Professional PDF ebook Creator. This software is all you need to create DIGITAL PLR ebooks from microsoft word documents that you have the Private Label rights to - and you are on your way to becoming successful online by publishing your own articles and e-books. Click here for the details.

How To Make Money with Free Blogging

If you’re searching for a long time on how to start making money online, and you have a zero or little budget, then blogging is the best way for you to get started easily.

Blogging is too popular nowadays. Not only because it is free. You could quickly start without any technical skills needed. As long as you are able to simply read and write, you can start immediately to blogging. So, what’s a blog? A blog is just a simple webpage that is too easy to set-up in a few minutes. Most people make use them as diaries, personal journals, and business pages. Later you will learn here how to do it…

You may be puzzled of how you could make money online with just a simple free blog. The direct answer is by putting a Google Adsense in your blog web pages as well as promoting lucrative affiliate programs or products.

I guarantee you wont’ make money overnight with this strategy, but if you are willing to do the work of least 2-3 months period, the n you can exactly assure to start making decent money over and over again with no cost involved.

For our intentions, we’ll be using Blogger. Blogger is developed by Google which is the best reason we will use it. Of all I know, blogs are visited by search engines regularly thus you will be indexed immediately.

Much better to always start and make money from your interest or what you know. It’s quite easier for you to write about your interest or what you know about than to write about other things you less know and have no interest at all.

You can also look for free content out there on almost any topics you love to. At this point, you may choose a topic that you think would make you more money, but you know nothing about the topic.

Looking for Content of Your Blog

You may best find the free content for your blogs from popular article sites. Just simply follow the defined rules or guidelines for each article site. More often, you have to keep intact the author’s bio. Be guided of the list of recommended article websites below:

Although this is will help you at start, still it’s always better to write you own article or buy from it at low cost. You can make use of this great forum http:/ in finding great information and sometimes you can choose various articles for just $5 dollars of money.

When you have found a content you must modify it to suit your keyword. For example if your target keyword is “ make money with blogging”. You may see everywhere in the content the word “ make money”. From there, you change it to your target keyword “make money with blogging”. While you are editing this, check if the sentences still make sense. If not, rephrase it so that it has a sense with your keyword inserted in it. It’s advisable to sprinkle each word of your keyword phrase throughout the article. In the example above, that would be “make money online”, “make money”, “blogging”, and “money”.

Creating Your Blog

We’ll be using the Blogger because it’s completely free to use. To start, create and account at “”. For the more step by step explanation on how to use blogger, you can use their comprehensive tutorial at “”. You could play around with it by yourself until such time you’re comfortable using it.

After you’ve created your account, you may create a new blog, naming it with your target keyword phrase as the blogger sub-domain. For example if we used our previous example, the following name is suitable for you to consider: or

Once your done, you may choose a template for your newly created blog. Next , make the blog title with the keyword phrase your targeting. In our previous example, this would be suited “Make Money Online With Blogging”. Together with this , you make a description that has your keyword phrases inserted at least once.

Now you can make your first post and sprinkle your keyword throughout your post. You make money from your blog by putting up an adsense. But if you have no adsense account yet, quickly create an account at A strategy here is to place your adsense where visitors are more likely to click on and also by blending your adsense background color the same to your blog template background color.

Another way to make money from your blog is to find high quality affiliate programs or products from or If you have no accounts yet created. Jump in now to create an account for you. Once done, you can immediately make money by using the affiliate links provided for each product that you want to promote in your blog. This is done by inserting your affiliate links at your blog template’s sidebar. Post a informative update of the product with an advertisement that basically explains the benefits of using or acquiring it.

Post another piece of private label content every two days. Find forums with related content to yours and make a link to pertinent information in your blog.

Insert links to someone’s blog, related news, and other websites related to your blog. Make it sure you insert the link using your keyword phrase as anchor text of the link. This way it will boost your ranking to search engines.

Make You Blog Listed on Major Search Engines and Famous Blog Directories

If all the things are done above, you may proceed to promote seriously your blog to gain popularity to search engines as well as directories, thus gives you a massive amount of visitors and make you money more .

Use http://www.masternewmedia.corg/rss/top55 to submit your blog to the number of blog and rss feed directories quick as possible . A few of them may deny your blog. In case you’re able to enter one, always put your keyword phrase in the title and in the description at least once. Yes, this is going for you to work for many hours, but the good result is worthy for your effort.

Use also to add your RSS feed to your MyYahoo account you want to closely monitor.

If you have no RSS Beta of your MyYahoo content, then add it. Just go here for more info

For you to add your blog into the MyYahoo rss feed, you need to click on edit at the rss feed section and enter your blog url there.

Do this the same at Add your blog with atom.xml added to the end of it with the label “search for content to add”.

Another thing you have to do is submit your blog to the following:

Submit also your blog to Remember to use your keyword phrase in the title and in the description. Always do the ping in every post you add to your blog, in order to let the search engines to index quickly for your new content post.

You may consider using this application to have an automatic posting of your blog. It will gives you a number of inbound links and help you to get a high search engine ranking. Still one way linking is more important than to a reciprocal linking. The latter is becoming less significant to search engines. Therefore, focus more on your effort to get a lot of one way links. The said tool will give you a good quality number of one way links.

You Need To Monitor Your Search Engine Ranking

Periodically, make a habit to check you blog’s ranking with your target keywords or keyword phrases your optimizing to. You can do this by typing in your keyword phrase on the search engine search box .

If you have selected a penetrable niche, you could see your blog on the first page of the major search engines under a month. But if you won’t see , you must do an extra work on:

Look for link partners and setup reciprocal links . By just simply searching websites that have high page rank on Google and deal accordingly for exchanging links with them.

I know exactly that is a hard work on your part. But just consistently do this with patience in 2 to 3 months period. And you will see how it makes money for you for the rest of the year.

Happy Blogging!

How to make money of $150 per day with bum marketing in less than a month?

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2

So let us proceed…

Make this a habitual action every single week and you will be at quick on your way to make money of $150 dollars under a month.

Step One: Search 5 products for you to promote.

You must search 5 good products to promote that suit the category, like I mentioned in the previous lesson. A good place to search decent products to promote is New products are added there every day.

Double check if they pay you worthy enough for your time. Make it sure they won’t pay you peanuts. If so, don’t entertain them because there are several products out there that pay you worthy thus make you more money.

Do you want quick money paid via Paypal?

If I want to make money quickly, I use to search products to promote. Because the owner of the product pay you quickly via your Paypal account. Thus, you make money instantly without any worry to wait.

I found that many of the bums are not following of what the great idea of bum marketing method shared to us. That is to promote a residual income through proven affiliate programs.

I love promoting residual income affiliate programs that pays you every single month, like any web hosting services. You just promote the product or service once and make money without any more extra work as long as the customer stays patronizing the product or service.

For example you promote a web hosting service and make money out of it, the same amount of money your will receive every month as long as the customers you have stay with that kind of service.

It is being said that residual income affiliate programs are considered the wave of the future.

If you like a good list of several affiliate programs that pay you handsomely then go to…

That directory has a wide variety of residual income affiliate programs for you to choose.

Step Two: Search at least 30 keywords for each product you choose.

It’s a good testing ground to start with 30 keywords at first to determine if the product is worthy. It would be a stupid thing to know that you write 50-100 articles to promote a certain product and then discovered lately that the product does not convert any sales or doesn’t make money for you.

That would be too frustrating to imagine and it might happen to you on unexpected time, that’s how life. Accept the merely fact that some products won’t convert well compared to others. But be smart enough to lessen its possibility of occurrence.

To take advantage of whatever opportunity, much better to write a number of articles at minimum of 30 for each certain product you want to promote.

Upon reaching 30 articles I write and still not making any good amount of money, then I would know not to proceed and find some other product to consider.

The best thing of bum marketing is it's a great way to test if products are winners for making money. Because if a product is tested to be a winner, I know you won’t stop from anything to keep on advertising through your articles.

I admit that all the top performers bum marketers write at minimum of 30 articles for each product they want to make money.

Step Three: Write articles for your keywords.

It’s the right time now to write articles.

The various tips I provided you would make your work more easy and make more money for you.

You have the choice also to outsource the writing of articles if you like to. It may cost you a cheap as $6 dollars per article.

At forums such as you will discover a number of people offer you an article writing services for as low as 2 to 3 dollars.

Just a caution. Never pay directly. Just pay after you’ve got the articles and being reviewed it completely.

For you to know more about the specifics of bum marketing abouts. I suggest to give time reading the report at

Remember the rule of bum marketing. Write articles quickly as possible. Provide action plan for them to use, spice it off with an thought-provoking article byline and you will soon make money more and more.

Step Four: Make your landing pages then submit your articles.

We can’t assure in the future that ezinearticles will change their defined rules for what is considered acceptable for a quality landing page that readers favorably click in your article byline.

In the nearly future ezinearticles might prohibit you to use to redirect their readers send to opt-in form for your list building. They might also will not allow to redirect readers to an affiliate page or sales letter.

In the bum marketing method, Travis explains about landing pages, but what I have noticed to be more effective than a simple presell page is to integrate content in the landing page.

In the bum marketing method, Travis explains about landing pages, but what I have noticed to be more effective than a simple presell page is to integrate content in the landing page.

For instance, you would like your reader to send to a particular page of your website, like:

The page could be just purely a presell page as what Travis recommends in his course.

Putting links to other articles you have written on the side of the page navigation area will work better and effectively. Instead of just dependent only in a single presell page just to invite visitors to click either opt-in form or directly to an affiliate site.

Then your website will be look like a content-rich or resource site that your visitors love to visit and would be more favorable to as well.

Most importantly, you have more good chances to make a good sales and make more money.

By the time a reader see that they have more content to read on the page, surely they will be interested to dig more information, giving them more confidence to give their money to you openly thru your product you’re promoting.

This is considered a preselling at its best. So many people don't dare to give quickly their email address just to know more information at your website. So by giving them the necessary information they need, freely accessible again and again, then soon they will more likely to give their email address openly.

After all making your landing page as suggested, you can submit manually your articles to and which are only the article I always use.

Step Five: Double up on your keywords.

Assuming you have now successfully written the 150 articles and done submitting to the relevant article directories. If you observed that after several weeks, you find a product is dong great, then double up.

As what I have told you before, make another ezinearticles account and quickly write the same articles again with this different account.

You may also proceed on looking out other keywords for you to write articles on.

Constantly do this for four weeks time and if you’re not making money of at least $150 dollars per day then I will give you freely my car.

That’s how confidence I am that I firmly believe if you just follow strictly the rules, then you have no other place than to make more and more money.

I see you on the TOP!

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2

The second secret is super Product Selection.

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3

Some of the frustrated bum marketers voicing out that they keep on writing various articles as they can in an hour and not getting any good sales thus doesn’t make money. What they don’t know that what they’re promoting is totally crap.

Yes, they don’t even consider their selected keywords being used to write articles, and discover late that they have no great product at all to promote. I advice you to always make a habit to look first a product to promote before you do any keyword research or else your effort will be put into useless.

That’s why I’m not allured of keyword lists lurking around until I find great and decent products to promote .

They might be of good use for creating new ideas and sometimes you find a few gems, but more often the keywords are rubbish because there’s no great products to promote with that keyword.

The next thing I catch other bum’s doing is using the keywords they discovered that suit the bum marketing criteria. They write article based on the keyword and attempt to fit an irrelevant product into their article and shock why no one afford to buy from them.

The right way to begin with bum marketing is first trying to dominate Clickbank. By simply eyeing what is hot in all categories at clickbank marketplace , not just for a single category.

Look a product that is making the best sales, has a catchy sales letter and gives you a decent way to make money not less than $10 per sale.

Always keep in mind that Bum marketing is all the time about dominating the market place.

With your articles you should then saturate the market to win the game.

You have to dominate every product you promote. Please don’t get the courage to go into bum marketing half cook.

If so, then it’s a sure way you desperate of not getting any few sales at all wherever you are, thus to make money online is making you the hard way.

So in review.

Before doing any keyword research, be sure to look for a product to promote and check if the product is hot now in the market place, which is very easy to sell on Clickbank. Look for if the sales page are appealing and working great. And the best thing is to check if you could get a fair commission or make good money from your selling of individual product.

Once the product suit that criteria, you may start getting to keyword research and search at least 30 keywords to write an articles on.

How to conduct a very good Free Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is fun. But as I said it will just follow after finding a great product to promote. So that your effort will surely make you more money.

I highly recommend using this keyword research tool because it’s totally free and gives you the valuable data.

The tool will able you to see the monthly number of searches for the particular keyword from the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

You may also consider using the free keyword tool provided by Google at:

By using your main keyword , it will generate a list of at least 200 keywords related to the keyword you type in.

All of these are completely free for you to use. I’m not a lover of spending my extra money on those expensive keyword research tools.

Make a hit to get 30 articles a day for every product you want to promote.

So in 5 working days in a week, you could made 150 articles and could have 5 products promoted and being saturated. And of course make money as well.

I don’t pay attention on the number of searches. I’m after how targeted the keyword to the product I like to promote, even if it gets only 200 searches a month. I will still pursue to write an article for that search term or keyword.

I still treat the same for those keywords that have more than 10,000 competitors. Especially if the keyword has a good number of google search volume monthly.

Dominating Google with Several Personalities

In you could create several accounts and you could create two articles with the same set of keywords to the first page of Google by writing two articles with the same title.

So, instead of getting one article in the first page of Google you could merely have two articles working at you in the first page of Google for the same keyword.

And to get started, all you have to do is to create 2 accounts or even more with for free.

I have a number of different ezinearticles accounts with various pen names. This is surely acceptable as long as your articles are of good quality in nature.

Try to search following phrase in Google with double quotes:
“how to save money on groceries”

The result ranking position may varies from time to time. But I’m sure you completely notice that they are ezinearticles from two different writers using the same exact keyword.

By using this strategy, you will need to make two completely different articles, but that’s all okay, because it provides you more possibilities to gain even more visitors to see your article.

Your exposure will skyrocket.

I have another article directory that gives me a good results and make me more money. I suggest to consider also to submit your articles. To avoid any duplication, make it sure to submit unique articles for each directory or else your doing the opposite of your expectation.

I make a habit to keep on warning myself not submit the same article in every directory. Search engines hate seriously on content duplication.

It would really make your articles suffer from the search engine ranking if you insist to submit your articles to various directories.

So why focus your effort in making a new article intended for each directory where it only takes you 10-15 minutes to finish an article.

One day, you might run out of Clickbank products to promote. So try to make the best as you can for each product you like to promote. If you won’t , then you’re pretty good leaving much money on the table.

And that is a no-no to bum marketing character!

Provide Them An Action Plan

Giving people a reason to buy instantly is the best thing to tap. This is achievable if you provide them a realistic action plan for them to follow immediately.

Directly provide them a guide in your article of how to use the product easily.

Like for example , you’re endorsing a product about making content sites intended for adsense profit.

You may give them a strategy to follow on traffic generation that works best with content sites that will eventually able them to make money fast.

Then here you go, you may proceed to tell them about the product your promoting to in your article byline , suggest them you have a product that will make sense in creating great content sites so simple and easy and all they need to do is make the two work together and make money so fast.

People are insane of buying products and wasting too much money on informational products or ebooks.

You may find helpful to read how Travis, the originator of bum marketing is doing this at best.

He is too kind to give you the complete free bum marketing method to try you out. No strings attached! He provides you also a workable business plan to follow. And in his free course he endorses you a few number of affiliate products that would make your life simpler and easier and of course make more money fast with bum marketing.

You’re a kind of crazy if you won’t buy his recommended products.

Have you wondered why so many people read his course and signed up for completely relied on his recommendation?

Now, it's the time to know the main method for you to undertake. It’s all about how to make money from $0 dollar to $150 dollars a day with bum marketing.

You may now discover the said method in the next and the last lesson.

Go here รจ Make Money with Bum Marketing – Lesson 2

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3

How to Make Money Online Like A Clockwork By Applying The Bum Marketing Secret Ways

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3

Majority of the people don't understand what exactly bum marketing is and how to make money fast out of it, that you not need to have everything right all the time.

Yes, you don’t have to be a right man or a perfictionist all the time, you don’t need to be the guru marketer of all the time just to make bum marketing workable to you.

That’s a nice thing to know.

You can immediately start to bum marketing and internet marketing as a complete beginner and still make money more exceeding the respected internet gurus out there. This is exactly the reason why I’m of a great fun of bum marketing and why I’m more than willing to share this to my family and friends.

But if you have no, even little idea about on how to make money at bum marketing then I suggest go to

I will explain to you here and the next lessons the whole Bum Marketing process and how you can make it work for you successfully and make money more.

I will reveal to you one by one the Bum Marketing top secrets and why it works like crazy.

The first secret is Super Fast Writing.

How fast are you in writing articles? How many articles can you write in an hour? Can you spent sitting there and churn out at least 5 articles an hour? You may say, “I can’t do that!, It’s impossible.”. But you need really to do this to make this secret works favorably to you or else to make money fast out of it is will just remain your dream.

Actually you can exactly do that. And don’t worry I have some good tricks for you to share!

Speed is necessary when you deal with bum marketing. But you not need to persist to make your article a supernatural great.

The only secret to writing an article fast is to start writing immediately. Don’t spend too much time thinking about the article to write before even holding your pen or placing your hands on the keyboard.

Once again, just simply start writing and it does not matter what topic it is.

I find as the only good source for your topic research.

Beforehand, you need to know the set of keywords you want to write for and then instantly go to to search for the topic articles you love.

What most people don’t know that all the research is already done for you out there.

Your role is merely an article re-writer. Every topic you weirdly think about has been written already for you at

All your work is just plainly read the article and put it into your own words. And wait shortly to make money from it. You will know later!

It’s how easy and simple to write articles.

Don’t attempt to make your articles something surprisingly great.

Just write them quickly. Write like lightning. Willfully, force yourself to write and not even thinking to stop until you’ve made 5 articles in every single hour.

This is how a successful bum marketer insanely writes. It has been an accepted fact, that the bum marketer with the most number of articles out there will surely win to get a massive hits and high traffic. And of course make money more than you!

Hope you are now convince on this.

To win and make money more your thinking, you badly need to be the most prolific writer out there.

I don’t spend extra money to use auto generated content software. In order for me to make it sure that every article I write is unique and adds value to Ezinearticles directory which gives the hungry readers the necessary information they badly need.

They are just short articles with 350 to 500 words only. Just give the reader the right information they search for, and rush in to give it to them quickly.

Help me to do the math.

Let’s say you’ve 50 articles every day. And you do that straight for 5 days. That’s 250 articles in a week. Right? I believe this is doable for you. Just start writing and good momentum will follow.

Always remember that to be the best bum marketer, you have no room to win by doing less than your competition.

Simply you need to work harder and smarter than your competitors.

How about making this to you as a challenge. Be persistent only to do this for straight 6 months full time and you will gain the sweet juices of you hardwork thru a constant flow of money for many and many years to come.

Make a working goal to make 50 articles everyday and work it out steadily for 6 months period, then, take the next 6 months off, and enjoying spending your money taking a vacation.

Exactly, you will make money for long years to come from work you did 5 years ago.

Always consider, SPEED, is the major key to being the most successful bum marketer you’ve ever think on the Internet. By working hard right now and rest assured you will soon be the richest bum marketer here online in 6 or 12 months period.

Heheehe…This is not a joke!

And hope your are ready now to take the next secret in the next lesson and ready to make money fast more.

If you can't wait, go to the next lesson: How to Make Money with Bum Marketing - Lesson 2

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3

Make Money Online Opportunities

See Below

1. Make Money Online with Mylot

2. Make Money Online with SFI

make money online with mylot image

1. Make Money Online with Mylot

Several people are quite skeptical about Mylot. It is something to talk about a website that have free signup with no recurring payment and claims to pay your effort for participation alone.

This leads to more people feeling skeptical about the opportunity to make money with mylot. No matter how susceptible they have experienced with making money online programs in the past.

But despite all this and my initial skepticism, I found myself a member of Mylot. I do not remember exactly how I became a member of Mylot. A week after I got a deposit to my paypal account , I was $10 dollars richer. Yeah, I’m here to say to you that Mylot will not only pay, but the better you share your ideas and give help to other people out there, the more you make money fast.

Mylot works in a way like a huge message board where anyone may visit to talk just about something you like or love to. You make money by posting questions, answering questions, and picture posting. The more active your are in the discussion, the more relevant and detailed your posts or answers are, then the more you make money online handsomely for your ideas being shared. The trick here is to make your answers long at a minimum of four lines. You will get a high user rating for your quality participation.

Make a habit to post quality and thought-provoking questions and make a goal to answer a number of questions per day. They are good to pay you at a very minimum limit of $10 in every month.

If you gonna follow these simple guidelines and have interest to participate daily. Then you can’t escape to notice that your account get and make more money online faster and faster every single day.

And trust me , I have already make money and get three payments now. All these are on time and for the right figures quickly and directly to your own paypal account or whatever payment method you like.

Give yourself a go, and I am sure you will experience the benefits too! And to start with to make money online with mylot, simply click here.

make money online with SFI

2. Make Money Online with SFI

SFI or Strong Future International seems to be around forever, in online networking marketing arena.

Since some of my new readers are newbies to online network marketing, I thought making an honest review with SFI would be an appropriate and a kind sort of help.

For me SFI is a good example of a money making program that has longetivity and can be trusted for a long-term partnership.

I joined SFI since 2003 after I graduated in College. I’m so grateful with SFI for opening me a new window of opportunity online. I learn a lot in in internet marketing from their solid free trainings, tools and support for newbies like me that time.

For you to grasp an idea of what really SFI will do for you to make money online.

Here are the two from the various ways to make money online from SFI .

1. Promoting SFI’s quality products from different categories you love to. – SFI has a hundreds of products for you to select, including books, vitamins, cleaning products, pet care products, coffee, and a lot more coming for you to discover . It’s up to you , whatever ways you've devise to promote the products and make money by getting a decent commission.

2. Promoting SFI opportunity. You will receive a good percentage of commission from the sales your downlines or network generated. You may know more about the SFI opportunity here.

The best thing I love from SFI, is there weekly training lessons provided free for all members. The training lessons are quite short and easy to understand, but give you a solid ground. It’s up to you to run through the lessons faster if you like. For anyone new to Internet marketing , there are great and totally free introductions to a various topics.

One more thing nice to SFI is that they sincerely give support and encourage affiliates from all over the world. They created a tailored landing pages specific to countries, which is a kind of high level of support that you won’t observe at any programs out there.

And if you think that you don’t get any good referrals to SFI. They have a monthly ad coop you could rely and trusted upon. You just invest $45 in a month, and get an equal share of the signups produced by the coop advertising program. It’s your choice!

I honestly classify SFI as a good place to start making money online as it provides you an ample of solid training and support which open you the doors of a lot of possibilities for you to make money online fast. It’s absolutely free, so you have nothing to worry and lose if you dare to change your mind!

You may join SFI for free here and get a free opportunity to make money worth $295.

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An Idiot Simple Way of Making Money In An Emergency

You can make money of at least $1,000 - $1,500 for the next few days with this very easy way.

The very first thing you do is to quickly search for some local business owners who badly need of your product or service you want to offer them. No, you will not be any doing hard calling here…they will be instead calling YOU.

Here are the following proven methods, you can immediately use to find these hungry customers.

1. At your surrounding local area you can easily find businesses by simply opening your phone book. Jot down any business you want. Later, you will make use the list to check on the internet, so keep it at your side.

2. OR make use of GoLeads to give you tons of info listing on all businesses in any geographic region you prefer. For unlimited access, just go for an investment of $15 dollars.

3. Once you have about 20 to 25 list you may surely start. Go now at check on the internet to know if they have an existing website. For those who have none, you can make a nice deal to them and make real money. We will deal this later.

And for those who have already their own websites. You get what your searching for: any kind of business website which have no capturing mechanism put on their important page.

Thus they are in need to have an autoresponder opt-in form on their important page. You are in for some instant cash, if they don’t have any installed autoresponder. How? Just simply send this letter to 10-15 prospects and see the results.


Hello Mr./Ms. _________

I’m ______________________, a local online business consultant.

I understand your time is valuable, as is mine too, so I’ll get straight right to my point. If I could show you that you could make thousands of dollars from your idle asset that you ALREADY have, would you be interested to talk with me for just 15 minutes time?

My free consultation can surely save you as much more 50% of your whole monthly advertising budget and send you a brand new clients at the same time! The best thing is that you already have it, so the investment cost to apply this marketing tool is too minimal.

Kindly call me NOW at (your number) to get a reservation schedule for a free consultation with no strings attached. I assure you, it will be a worth of your time.

Yours in business,

Your name
Contact Information


Simply, that’s it! Just prepare yourself for in time your phone will constantly ring off the hook. Avoid the temptation to send the letter by bulk. You seriously only need to mail 25 to 30 a week and you’ll be good to be busy of making money effortlessly.

And now you have the clients keep calling at you, setting a consultation appointment and see them personally is your next step. Remember the idle asset they have is their own website that has no list-building feature capabilities.

Still the statement “Money is in the List” holds true and applies across all type of businesses, not just only for online marketers. They can merely cut their advertising expenses at least half in value by building a good list. Instead of paying out $4,000 dollars for a half-page ad space. Why not make use of this advertising tool by simply sending an automatic customer blast about your upcoming sale.

Hope you still follow me here! That all you have to do is simply set up an autoresponder opt-in form on their existing website. You may use the Aweber autoresponder, which the best I could recommend because of its quick-easy installation. That’s how simple and easy, isn’t it!

It’s your choice to make use of your autoresponder account or else you provide them an aweber account using your affiliate link.

If in the case you use your own account then you have the control over their list. In either situation this more often leads to “who will be going to write up their emails” that would be another means to make money.

For all you know, I discovered that almost half of all the websites I found, would be put into the category of no capturing system. The reality this is a rampant concern at everywhere. Why? Because they simply no exact understanding of e-commerce.

On the other hand, GoLeads will give you freely the critical information of the business such as the name, number of employees, and others. You may do it at first the hard way if you love to, but I believe it’s worth the money of $15 bucks for you to use their name on the letter.

It has been proven that using their name and the following little trick will give you a triple response rates. On the front face of the envelope put a stamp “CONFIDENTIAL” in red block letters. Your letter will be treated with high regards and put them into the “open letter” pile instead of going directly into the trash can. It’s very simple technique but gives you good results more especially if you mention their name.

Bear this in mind. More often than not, people sort out their mails while standing closely near at the trash can. I know you experience it, so you believe it’s true. You need to have some message that stands out and states, “Hhhmm, this might be important to consider, I’ll set aside this and look at it later.”

What I’ve just shared you is tested and proven way to make money in a serious emergency alert from your clients. Just use your editor to copy and paste the template letter above and get speed to work it. I believe you can make it a success.

I mentioned you it was an idiot simple way and it truly works because it is really helping them, and that’s what matter most to them.

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