How to Make Money Online Like A Clockwork By Applying The Bum Marketing Secret Ways

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3

Majority of the people don't understand what exactly bum marketing is and how to make money fast out of it, that you not need to have everything right all the time.

Yes, you don’t have to be a right man or a perfictionist all the time, you don’t need to be the guru marketer of all the time just to make bum marketing workable to you.

That’s a nice thing to know.

You can immediately start to bum marketing and internet marketing as a complete beginner and still make money more exceeding the respected internet gurus out there. This is exactly the reason why I’m of a great fun of bum marketing and why I’m more than willing to share this to my family and friends.

But if you have no, even little idea about on how to make money at bum marketing then I suggest go to

I will explain to you here and the next lessons the whole Bum Marketing process and how you can make it work for you successfully and make money more.

I will reveal to you one by one the Bum Marketing top secrets and why it works like crazy.

The first secret is Super Fast Writing.

How fast are you in writing articles? How many articles can you write in an hour? Can you spent sitting there and churn out at least 5 articles an hour? You may say, “I can’t do that!, It’s impossible.”. But you need really to do this to make this secret works favorably to you or else to make money fast out of it is will just remain your dream.

Actually you can exactly do that. And don’t worry I have some good tricks for you to share!

Speed is necessary when you deal with bum marketing. But you not need to persist to make your article a supernatural great.

The only secret to writing an article fast is to start writing immediately. Don’t spend too much time thinking about the article to write before even holding your pen or placing your hands on the keyboard.

Once again, just simply start writing and it does not matter what topic it is.

I find as the only good source for your topic research.

Beforehand, you need to know the set of keywords you want to write for and then instantly go to to search for the topic articles you love.

What most people don’t know that all the research is already done for you out there.

Your role is merely an article re-writer. Every topic you weirdly think about has been written already for you at

All your work is just plainly read the article and put it into your own words. And wait shortly to make money from it. You will know later!

It’s how easy and simple to write articles.

Don’t attempt to make your articles something surprisingly great.

Just write them quickly. Write like lightning. Willfully, force yourself to write and not even thinking to stop until you’ve made 5 articles in every single hour.

This is how a successful bum marketer insanely writes. It has been an accepted fact, that the bum marketer with the most number of articles out there will surely win to get a massive hits and high traffic. And of course make money more than you!

Hope you are now convince on this.

To win and make money more your thinking, you badly need to be the most prolific writer out there.

I don’t spend extra money to use auto generated content software. In order for me to make it sure that every article I write is unique and adds value to Ezinearticles directory which gives the hungry readers the necessary information they badly need.

They are just short articles with 350 to 500 words only. Just give the reader the right information they search for, and rush in to give it to them quickly.

Help me to do the math.

Let’s say you’ve 50 articles every day. And you do that straight for 5 days. That’s 250 articles in a week. Right? I believe this is doable for you. Just start writing and good momentum will follow.

Always remember that to be the best bum marketer, you have no room to win by doing less than your competition.

Simply you need to work harder and smarter than your competitors.

How about making this to you as a challenge. Be persistent only to do this for straight 6 months full time and you will gain the sweet juices of you hardwork thru a constant flow of money for many and many years to come.

Make a working goal to make 50 articles everyday and work it out steadily for 6 months period, then, take the next 6 months off, and enjoying spending your money taking a vacation.

Exactly, you will make money for long years to come from work you did 5 years ago.

Always consider, SPEED, is the major key to being the most successful bum marketer you’ve ever think on the Internet. By working hard right now and rest assured you will soon be the richest bum marketer here online in 6 or 12 months period.

Heheehe…This is not a joke!

And hope your are ready now to take the next secret in the next lesson and ready to make money fast more.

If you can't wait, go to the next lesson: How to Make Money with Bum Marketing - Lesson 2

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3


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