Google Has No Mercy To Home-based Scammers

Google brand name's good reputation is not debatable from all of us who know how to surf the internet. Google trademark is exceptional from its outstanding cutting-edge technology services that helped millions of people worldwide. Thus, Google trademark deserves to be protected by all means.

So, anyone caught using any Google trademarks is liable for inescapable lawsuit. This has been proven when Google determined to filed a lawsuit against Pacific Webworks and other unmentioned defendants for using the Google's name and its logo for their intention to advertise deceitful home-based money making schemes.

As what Google said last Tuesday that there are already thousands of people who have been deceived to send their payment information and being charged hidden fees by questionable operations.

Google sued Pacific WebWorks in a court in Utah. Pacific WebWorks operates as an application service provider and software development firm in Salt Lake City.

Pacific WebWorks has been reported that they did not answer to calls, until last Wednesday gave a statement that the lawsuit was a surprised by them.

According to Ken Bell, CEO of Pacific WebWorks, that they always have cooperated with Google. Furthermore he stated that as they review the lawsuit with the counsel they find it a questionable claims that the company are willing to responsibly defend.

In addition to taking Pacific WebWorks to court, Google stated about their continuing efforts to remove online scam websites from its index.

Since Google can't totally guarantee that related online scam websites won't display on various networks, Google advise to surfers to be always skeptical and take time to review any online offers before giving any information.


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