Mylot Review - My Personal Confession

I have been a member of Mylot for almost 2 years now and I am very happy that I’ve become part of the community, that’s why I decided to write this Mylot review. This is the very first time I’m going to write a review about the site and share to all of you my experiences in being a member of Mylot. I also want to share some facts about the site, why I am very happy and satisfied with them and why I have become addicted to it same with other Mylot members.

How I become a member of Mylot?

I am looking that time for some ways on how I can earn on line, and a good friend of mine told me about Mylot. He told me that it’s a nice place to be with not just to earn but also to learn because it’s basically a paying site that pays their members for participating on discussions about different topics. With that thought, it somehow interests me and makes me think that it will also be a good way to exercise my mind and my writing and so I give it a shot.

I followed my friend’s referral link, register using my email address and fill out the registration form, open a paypal account, choose my interests and that’s it! I am now part of the community and ready to start!

My First days on Mylot

But since I am a beginner, I am quite uncertain on what to do and how I will start, so I decided to just lurk around, try to read the terms & guidelines that they provided and also the FAQ. I also read some discussions that already there and just observe. I also try to read some Mylot reviews in order for me to have better understanding on the site and be familiar with it.

I am excited to earn that time, since that’s the very main reason why I join in, to earn. With that thing on my mind, I try to actively participate on discussions, start my own discussion, respond and comment on others posts. I think I have spent a lot of time in there on that day and I am very happy when I saw my earnings on the next day. It’s not a big amount but it makes me happy knowing that I have been paid for what I have done the other day. I continue on participating with the discussions with a goal of reaching the minimum payout by the end of the month. But i fail. I didn’t reach the $10 minimum payout for that month and it makes me frustrated and disappointed and it comes to my mind that it’s impossible to reach the payout and it might takes me a life time to reach the minimum payout with just few cents of earnings daily. That makes me feel bored and hopeless and it also makes me become inactive for almost 7 months. And during that time, I just spend my time playing on online games and clicking on some PTCs.

My return on Mylot

Even if already stopped participating on Mylot, my friend and I still talk about it whenever we see each other and another friend who’s also a member keeps on telling me that she have earned this amount already and she already earn this reputation in Mylot, and that challenged me. It comes to me that if she can do it, why can’t I. And I also read & heard a lot of good Mylot reviews. The following day I open my email and see the notifications coming from Mylot. They never fail in sending the daily Mylot digest where the top discussions for the day were written. From there, I pick on a topic that interests me and respond. I am glad that the author of the said discussion is very accommodating and she is active in commenting back in each response that she got. It makes me happy that I come to have a discussion with her about the topic she raise and its surprising that I find myself coming back to it from time to time and exchange thoughts with her. From there I started to participate with other discussions again, and start mine as well. And again it makes me glad that I was able to get good number of respondents with my discussions and started to gain some friends.

That time, when I started to actively join in the discussions, the thought about earnings didn’t pass my mind. I am just there enjoying the talk that I have with other members and just have fun with them. To my surprise when I checked on my earnings update, wow! I earn more than a dollar for the day. It makes me happy and it’s like an achievement for me. It then makes me realize that when we just enjoy and have fun in the site, it will also bring better amount of money. It reminds me of what one Mylotter said that in Mylot it’s FUN=FUND.

I continue on participating on discussions in Mylot, and without knowing, I have become addicted to it already. I spend almost most of my free time in there, I am always excited to see responses from other Mylotters, excited to see new discussions from my friends and everything. It has been part of my daily routine and it even makes me sleep late at night and sometimes forget even eating. Mylot is the first and last site that I visit daily. That’s how interesting it is and when doing Mylot time passed so fast.

My Mylot Experience

My Mylot review will not be completed without me sharing to you my success story with it as well as how it changed me and some of my views in in life. Basically, Mylot teaches me a lot of things about life, it makes me understand more about other people and their cultures, it opens my mind in different things in this world. I considered all those things as a success because what else can be better than learning? Earning in Mylot is just a secondary thing for me or maybe it’s even third on line. The first things should be the learning experience that I got there, second is the friendship that we are able to build among members and the third is the bonus in just doing all those things.

After I have discovered the simple technique on how to get the most out of Mylot, I realized that reaching the minimum payout is not difficult at all because I myself was able to reach the minimum payout easily and even double or triple it sometimes. Isn’t it wonderful to earn while enjoying and learning?

It’s also a good thing that through participation on discussions in Mylot, I have gained new friends from different places, I was able to get advises from them, answers to my questions, and just people to talk with. It’s a very nice community to share our joys & success in life, and even our sorrows and sadness, I even find it a good place to release some feelings, emotions and even a place to rant. I have experienced all the emotions in there already, I have become so happy as always, some discussions even makes me cry, some inspired me, some made me mad, some excites me, some makes me think. You can have it all in Mylot!

What is Mylot for me?

Mylot for me is more than just a social paying site or forum site. For me it’s a community, a place where people meet, hang out and share each other’s views and opinions on things. This is a place to have fun and talk about just anything and everything under the sun, from the simplest things, simple questions to the most complicated and serious ones. With its member from different countries, we will be able to learn and understand different cultures, different attitudes of people and learn to accept and respect them. In Mylot everybody’s equal. It also makes my heart rejoice seeing how friendship builds among members, friendship that didn’t just last in the discussion area, friendship that even goes beyond Mylot.

I didn’t mean to offend anybody but in my opinion, Mylot is far much better than any other paying sites, better than any other social networking sites. I guess we have all the reasons why we get addicted to this beautiful community of Mylot. I am saying all those things not just for the sake of my Mylot review but because this is what I feel and I am just sharing what I have experienced in the past years or months of being a member.

Facts about Mylot

On this part of my Mylot review, let me tackle some few facts, information, tips about Mylot.

First, as I have said earlier, joining is easy. Just register using a valid email address and fill out the membership form and submit.

Open a Paypal account because it is where they will going to send your money.
Minimum payout is $10 and they are paying every on or before the 15th of each month. The cut off period for payout is from 1st day of the month to the last day. (example: earnings from August 1-31 will be paid on or before September 15 provided that minimum payout was reached, if not, earnings will be accumulated for the following months.)
I am also glad to say that admin is very nice and open to its members. There might be some glitches at times but everything was resolved fast and they never fail in paying their members on time. I am proud to say that Mylot is a 100% legitimate paying site.

Ways of earnings in Mylot

Post and contribute on discussions. Remember that members are being paid for what they post. Just make sure to write quality posts, meaning it should have relevance on the subject, and it will be better if it’s about 3-5 sentences. Discuss and don’t just post. Avoid violating the guidelines so that your post won’t be deleted for it will hurt your earnings as well.

Refer a friend or anyone. I think this is one good way of earning in Mylot for it will give you a passive earning as long as your referred member is active because you will be earning an additional 25% from what they have earned. The said amount will not be deducted from them, it’s actually an additional earning over what they earned. Mylot is really generous to its members.

Mylot Tasks. Mylot task offer a huge opportunity for more earnings, there are some tasks that offer even $3-$4 per task successfully done and accepted by the creator. Many members have been earning good in this way already.

Mylot Rewards. This is the latest that they offer to their members, a member can get a reward just by using the Mylot search bar. The more you use the search bar the more chances of getting a reward.

You can also earn through uploading of photos on discussions and through blogs.
And to get the most out of it, I suggest you to read and understand by heart the Mylot terms & guidelines, the FAQ and don’t be afraid to ask. Senior members and admin are there to help and support you.

Conclusion & Recommendation:

After being a Mylot member for almost 2 years, I have a firm conviction that this is one great community to be with. It’s not your ordinary social paid to post site, it’s a community where intellectual & friendly people meets and share each other’s knowledge. With its outstanding admin, user friendly discussion board, a profile page that you can personalize and where you can put some of your advertisement banners, a lot of ways to earn, community that already have more than 200, 000 members and keeps on growing, you can never go wrong.

While writing this Mylot review, I realize how lucky I am to find and be part of a site like Mylot which does not only give an opportunity to earn but most of all it offers a huge opportunity to learn, open our mind to the world and gain a lot of friends.
I do recommend this site to everyone who also wants to experience the things that we experience and discover and witness how and why people like me get hooked into Mylot.
I hope that this Mylot review can be of good help and inspiration to all of you.


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