How to make money of $150 per day with bum marketing in less than a month?

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2

So let us proceed…

Make this a habitual action every single week and you will be at quick on your way to make money of $150 dollars under a month.

Step One: Search 5 products for you to promote.

You must search 5 good products to promote that suit the category, like I mentioned in the previous lesson. A good place to search decent products to promote is New products are added there every day.

Double check if they pay you worthy enough for your time. Make it sure they won’t pay you peanuts. If so, don’t entertain them because there are several products out there that pay you worthy thus make you more money.

Do you want quick money paid via Paypal?

If I want to make money quickly, I use to search products to promote. Because the owner of the product pay you quickly via your Paypal account. Thus, you make money instantly without any worry to wait.

I found that many of the bums are not following of what the great idea of bum marketing method shared to us. That is to promote a residual income through proven affiliate programs.

I love promoting residual income affiliate programs that pays you every single month, like any web hosting services. You just promote the product or service once and make money without any more extra work as long as the customer stays patronizing the product or service.

For example you promote a web hosting service and make money out of it, the same amount of money your will receive every month as long as the customers you have stay with that kind of service.

It is being said that residual income affiliate programs are considered the wave of the future.

If you like a good list of several affiliate programs that pay you handsomely then go to…

That directory has a wide variety of residual income affiliate programs for you to choose.

Step Two: Search at least 30 keywords for each product you choose.

It’s a good testing ground to start with 30 keywords at first to determine if the product is worthy. It would be a stupid thing to know that you write 50-100 articles to promote a certain product and then discovered lately that the product does not convert any sales or doesn’t make money for you.

That would be too frustrating to imagine and it might happen to you on unexpected time, that’s how life. Accept the merely fact that some products won’t convert well compared to others. But be smart enough to lessen its possibility of occurrence.

To take advantage of whatever opportunity, much better to write a number of articles at minimum of 30 for each certain product you want to promote.

Upon reaching 30 articles I write and still not making any good amount of money, then I would know not to proceed and find some other product to consider.

The best thing of bum marketing is it's a great way to test if products are winners for making money. Because if a product is tested to be a winner, I know you won’t stop from anything to keep on advertising through your articles.

I admit that all the top performers bum marketers write at minimum of 30 articles for each product they want to make money.

Step Three: Write articles for your keywords.

It’s the right time now to write articles.

The various tips I provided you would make your work more easy and make more money for you.

You have the choice also to outsource the writing of articles if you like to. It may cost you a cheap as $6 dollars per article.

At forums such as you will discover a number of people offer you an article writing services for as low as 2 to 3 dollars.

Just a caution. Never pay directly. Just pay after you’ve got the articles and being reviewed it completely.

For you to know more about the specifics of bum marketing abouts. I suggest to give time reading the report at

Remember the rule of bum marketing. Write articles quickly as possible. Provide action plan for them to use, spice it off with an thought-provoking article byline and you will soon make money more and more.

Step Four: Make your landing pages then submit your articles.

We can’t assure in the future that ezinearticles will change their defined rules for what is considered acceptable for a quality landing page that readers favorably click in your article byline.

In the nearly future ezinearticles might prohibit you to use to redirect their readers send to opt-in form for your list building. They might also will not allow to redirect readers to an affiliate page or sales letter.

In the bum marketing method, Travis explains about landing pages, but what I have noticed to be more effective than a simple presell page is to integrate content in the landing page.

In the bum marketing method, Travis explains about landing pages, but what I have noticed to be more effective than a simple presell page is to integrate content in the landing page.

For instance, you would like your reader to send to a particular page of your website, like:

The page could be just purely a presell page as what Travis recommends in his course.

Putting links to other articles you have written on the side of the page navigation area will work better and effectively. Instead of just dependent only in a single presell page just to invite visitors to click either opt-in form or directly to an affiliate site.

Then your website will be look like a content-rich or resource site that your visitors love to visit and would be more favorable to as well.

Most importantly, you have more good chances to make a good sales and make more money.

By the time a reader see that they have more content to read on the page, surely they will be interested to dig more information, giving them more confidence to give their money to you openly thru your product you’re promoting.

This is considered a preselling at its best. So many people don't dare to give quickly their email address just to know more information at your website. So by giving them the necessary information they need, freely accessible again and again, then soon they will more likely to give their email address openly.

After all making your landing page as suggested, you can submit manually your articles to and which are only the article I always use.

Step Five: Double up on your keywords.

Assuming you have now successfully written the 150 articles and done submitting to the relevant article directories. If you observed that after several weeks, you find a product is dong great, then double up.

As what I have told you before, make another ezinearticles account and quickly write the same articles again with this different account.

You may also proceed on looking out other keywords for you to write articles on.

Constantly do this for four weeks time and if you’re not making money of at least $150 dollars per day then I will give you freely my car.

That’s how confidence I am that I firmly believe if you just follow strictly the rules, then you have no other place than to make more and more money.

I see you on the TOP!

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 2


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