How To Make Money with Free Blogging

If you’re searching for a long time on how to start making money online, and you have a zero or little budget, then blogging is the best way for you to get started easily.

Blogging is too popular nowadays. Not only because it is free. You could quickly start without any technical skills needed. As long as you are able to simply read and write, you can start immediately to blogging. So, what’s a blog? A blog is just a simple webpage that is too easy to set-up in a few minutes. Most people make use them as diaries, personal journals, and business pages. Later you will learn here how to do it…

You may be puzzled of how you could make money online with just a simple free blog. The direct answer is by putting a Google Adsense in your blog web pages as well as promoting lucrative affiliate programs or products.

I guarantee you wont’ make money overnight with this strategy, but if you are willing to do the work of least 2-3 months period, the n you can exactly assure to start making decent money over and over again with no cost involved.

For our intentions, we’ll be using Blogger. Blogger is developed by Google which is the best reason we will use it. Of all I know, blogs are visited by search engines regularly thus you will be indexed immediately.

Much better to always start and make money from your interest or what you know. It’s quite easier for you to write about your interest or what you know about than to write about other things you less know and have no interest at all.

You can also look for free content out there on almost any topics you love to. At this point, you may choose a topic that you think would make you more money, but you know nothing about the topic.

Looking for Content of Your Blog

You may best find the free content for your blogs from popular article sites. Just simply follow the defined rules or guidelines for each article site. More often, you have to keep intact the author’s bio. Be guided of the list of recommended article websites below:

Although this is will help you at start, still it’s always better to write you own article or buy from it at low cost. You can make use of this great forum http:/ in finding great information and sometimes you can choose various articles for just $5 dollars of money.

When you have found a content you must modify it to suit your keyword. For example if your target keyword is “ make money with blogging”. You may see everywhere in the content the word “ make money”. From there, you change it to your target keyword “make money with blogging”. While you are editing this, check if the sentences still make sense. If not, rephrase it so that it has a sense with your keyword inserted in it. It’s advisable to sprinkle each word of your keyword phrase throughout the article. In the example above, that would be “make money online”, “make money”, “blogging”, and “money”.

Creating Your Blog

We’ll be using the Blogger because it’s completely free to use. To start, create and account at “”. For the more step by step explanation on how to use blogger, you can use their comprehensive tutorial at “”. You could play around with it by yourself until such time you’re comfortable using it.

After you’ve created your account, you may create a new blog, naming it with your target keyword phrase as the blogger sub-domain. For example if we used our previous example, the following name is suitable for you to consider: or

Once your done, you may choose a template for your newly created blog. Next , make the blog title with the keyword phrase your targeting. In our previous example, this would be suited “Make Money Online With Blogging”. Together with this , you make a description that has your keyword phrases inserted at least once.

Now you can make your first post and sprinkle your keyword throughout your post. You make money from your blog by putting up an adsense. But if you have no adsense account yet, quickly create an account at A strategy here is to place your adsense where visitors are more likely to click on and also by blending your adsense background color the same to your blog template background color.

Another way to make money from your blog is to find high quality affiliate programs or products from or If you have no accounts yet created. Jump in now to create an account for you. Once done, you can immediately make money by using the affiliate links provided for each product that you want to promote in your blog. This is done by inserting your affiliate links at your blog template’s sidebar. Post a informative update of the product with an advertisement that basically explains the benefits of using or acquiring it.

Post another piece of private label content every two days. Find forums with related content to yours and make a link to pertinent information in your blog.

Insert links to someone’s blog, related news, and other websites related to your blog. Make it sure you insert the link using your keyword phrase as anchor text of the link. This way it will boost your ranking to search engines.

Make You Blog Listed on Major Search Engines and Famous Blog Directories

If all the things are done above, you may proceed to promote seriously your blog to gain popularity to search engines as well as directories, thus gives you a massive amount of visitors and make you money more .

Use http://www.masternewmedia.corg/rss/top55 to submit your blog to the number of blog and rss feed directories quick as possible . A few of them may deny your blog. In case you’re able to enter one, always put your keyword phrase in the title and in the description at least once. Yes, this is going for you to work for many hours, but the good result is worthy for your effort.

Use also to add your RSS feed to your MyYahoo account you want to closely monitor.

If you have no RSS Beta of your MyYahoo content, then add it. Just go here for more info

For you to add your blog into the MyYahoo rss feed, you need to click on edit at the rss feed section and enter your blog url there.

Do this the same at Add your blog with atom.xml added to the end of it with the label “search for content to add”.

Another thing you have to do is submit your blog to the following:

Submit also your blog to Remember to use your keyword phrase in the title and in the description. Always do the ping in every post you add to your blog, in order to let the search engines to index quickly for your new content post.

You may consider using this application to have an automatic posting of your blog. It will gives you a number of inbound links and help you to get a high search engine ranking. Still one way linking is more important than to a reciprocal linking. The latter is becoming less significant to search engines. Therefore, focus more on your effort to get a lot of one way links. The said tool will give you a good quality number of one way links.

You Need To Monitor Your Search Engine Ranking

Periodically, make a habit to check you blog’s ranking with your target keywords or keyword phrases your optimizing to. You can do this by typing in your keyword phrase on the search engine search box .

If you have selected a penetrable niche, you could see your blog on the first page of the major search engines under a month. But if you won’t see , you must do an extra work on:

Look for link partners and setup reciprocal links . By just simply searching websites that have high page rank on Google and deal accordingly for exchanging links with them.

I know exactly that is a hard work on your part. But just consistently do this with patience in 2 to 3 months period. And you will see how it makes money for you for the rest of the year.

Happy Blogging!


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