The second secret is super Product Selection.

How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3

Some of the frustrated bum marketers voicing out that they keep on writing various articles as they can in an hour and not getting any good sales thus doesn’t make money. What they don’t know that what they’re promoting is totally crap.

Yes, they don’t even consider their selected keywords being used to write articles, and discover late that they have no great product at all to promote. I advice you to always make a habit to look first a product to promote before you do any keyword research or else your effort will be put into useless.

That’s why I’m not allured of keyword lists lurking around until I find great and decent products to promote .

They might be of good use for creating new ideas and sometimes you find a few gems, but more often the keywords are rubbish because there’s no great products to promote with that keyword.

The next thing I catch other bum’s doing is using the keywords they discovered that suit the bum marketing criteria. They write article based on the keyword and attempt to fit an irrelevant product into their article and shock why no one afford to buy from them.

The right way to begin with bum marketing is first trying to dominate Clickbank. By simply eyeing what is hot in all categories at clickbank marketplace , not just for a single category.

Look a product that is making the best sales, has a catchy sales letter and gives you a decent way to make money not less than $10 per sale.

Always keep in mind that Bum marketing is all the time about dominating the market place.

With your articles you should then saturate the market to win the game.

You have to dominate every product you promote. Please don’t get the courage to go into bum marketing half cook.

If so, then it’s a sure way you desperate of not getting any few sales at all wherever you are, thus to make money online is making you the hard way.

So in review.

Before doing any keyword research, be sure to look for a product to promote and check if the product is hot now in the market place, which is very easy to sell on Clickbank. Look for if the sales page are appealing and working great. And the best thing is to check if you could get a fair commission or make good money from your selling of individual product.

Once the product suit that criteria, you may start getting to keyword research and search at least 30 keywords to write an articles on.

How to conduct a very good Free Keyword Research

Doing keyword research is fun. But as I said it will just follow after finding a great product to promote. So that your effort will surely make you more money.

I highly recommend using this keyword research tool because it’s totally free and gives you the valuable data.

The tool will able you to see the monthly number of searches for the particular keyword from the major search engines, Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

You may also consider using the free keyword tool provided by Google at:

By using your main keyword , it will generate a list of at least 200 keywords related to the keyword you type in.

All of these are completely free for you to use. I’m not a lover of spending my extra money on those expensive keyword research tools.

Make a hit to get 30 articles a day for every product you want to promote.

So in 5 working days in a week, you could made 150 articles and could have 5 products promoted and being saturated. And of course make money as well.

I don’t pay attention on the number of searches. I’m after how targeted the keyword to the product I like to promote, even if it gets only 200 searches a month. I will still pursue to write an article for that search term or keyword.

I still treat the same for those keywords that have more than 10,000 competitors. Especially if the keyword has a good number of google search volume monthly.

Dominating Google with Several Personalities

In you could create several accounts and you could create two articles with the same set of keywords to the first page of Google by writing two articles with the same title.

So, instead of getting one article in the first page of Google you could merely have two articles working at you in the first page of Google for the same keyword.

And to get started, all you have to do is to create 2 accounts or even more with for free.

I have a number of different ezinearticles accounts with various pen names. This is surely acceptable as long as your articles are of good quality in nature.

Try to search following phrase in Google with double quotes:
“how to save money on groceries”

The result ranking position may varies from time to time. But I’m sure you completely notice that they are ezinearticles from two different writers using the same exact keyword.

By using this strategy, you will need to make two completely different articles, but that’s all okay, because it provides you more possibilities to gain even more visitors to see your article.

Your exposure will skyrocket.

I have another article directory that gives me a good results and make me more money. I suggest to consider also to submit your articles. To avoid any duplication, make it sure to submit unique articles for each directory or else your doing the opposite of your expectation.

I make a habit to keep on warning myself not submit the same article in every directory. Search engines hate seriously on content duplication.

It would really make your articles suffer from the search engine ranking if you insist to submit your articles to various directories.

So why focus your effort in making a new article intended for each directory where it only takes you 10-15 minutes to finish an article.

One day, you might run out of Clickbank products to promote. So try to make the best as you can for each product you like to promote. If you won’t , then you’re pretty good leaving much money on the table.

And that is a no-no to bum marketing character!

Provide Them An Action Plan

Giving people a reason to buy instantly is the best thing to tap. This is achievable if you provide them a realistic action plan for them to follow immediately.

Directly provide them a guide in your article of how to use the product easily.

Like for example , you’re endorsing a product about making content sites intended for adsense profit.

You may give them a strategy to follow on traffic generation that works best with content sites that will eventually able them to make money fast.

Then here you go, you may proceed to tell them about the product your promoting to in your article byline , suggest them you have a product that will make sense in creating great content sites so simple and easy and all they need to do is make the two work together and make money so fast.

People are insane of buying products and wasting too much money on informational products or ebooks.

You may find helpful to read how Travis, the originator of bum marketing is doing this at best.

He is too kind to give you the complete free bum marketing method to try you out. No strings attached! He provides you also a workable business plan to follow. And in his free course he endorses you a few number of affiliate products that would make your life simpler and easier and of course make more money fast with bum marketing.

You’re a kind of crazy if you won’t buy his recommended products.

Have you wondered why so many people read his course and signed up for completely relied on his recommendation?

Now, it's the time to know the main method for you to undertake. It’s all about how to make money from $0 dollar to $150 dollars a day with bum marketing.

You may now discover the said method in the next and the last lesson.

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How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 1
How To Make Money with Bum Marketing: Lesson 3


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