Make More Money Online By Boosting Your Affiliate Commissions

Many people considered affiliate business as the one of the tough businesses. Especially with regards to saving money, because some believe that in this kind of business you can’t escape spending money for its marketing.

Back to the good days when internet marketing was still in its infancy period, most of the people who were introduced to your affiliate business were more incline to avail the opportunity without any shadow of doubt. But nowadays the kind of business is getting tougher because of a lot of competition lurking around. Moreover the people are now behaving more cynical, it’s a miracle if you find a few who won’t.

Moreover, a lot of unscrupulous people are spreading out there waiting to take advantage of you. Just a single flaw of the system and you will observe several of them coming like a herd. Same might happen to your affiliate commission tracker system. Other people will make more money online instead of you who do the hardwork. They may manipulate your affiliate id by replacing their own id, thus, making money from you instantly without any hassle.

Let’s take a look that some of the affiliate links may be in the form of

In the above format your affiliate id is passed as a parameter. The hijacker will just change your id to their id, that allow you silently to put your money to his pocket quickly.

In some cases, your visitors of your website can’t afford to know that your making money out of him. So what they will do is bypassing you by removing your affiliate id.

Here’s your affiliate id – the bypassing happens when a person remove your id and leave plainly the URL, without your affiliate id attached anymore.

Bang! you never make money through your commission which is deserving to you.

Statistics has shown that this scenario causes around 30% of losing money.

You may observe I used the term most and not all hijackers, because some of the professional hijackers know very well about html and hard coding that might get your affiliate link. But they are only a few in number, most of the hijackers are simply opportunists who will take advantage if it’s easy to do.

The easiest way to hide your affiliate link from the eyes of hijackers is by using javascript redirection page.

A way, wherein you could totally hide your affiliate link in a particular page of your website via simple javascript that redirects your visitors to your own affiliate link.

Your actual affiliate link is not visible in your advertisements such as email and ezine, but, once click they are redirected to your real affiliate link. This would eventually drive you to make money online more.

The drawback here is that some of the affiliate program such as clickbank will show your affiliate id in the browser address bar.

So if your visitor has a keen eye he will observe that he has been redirected via affiliate link.

If you go for a safer way to hide your affiliate link from the sharp eyes, then use an invisible frame that simply masks your affiliate link as if your sending the visitors to a page of your website, wherein actually your displaying to them your affiliate link page.

This kind of tactic is widely used by several domain redirection service websites.

This would be catch by someone who knows to view the source page, because it gives him an idea that your using a frame and displayed an affiliate page.

The best solution to this is to make use of javascript encryption at would not readable by anyone.

I admit there’s no perfect solution to this issue, but always bear in your mind that to make more money online via your affiliate link, make it a habit to appear your affiliate link not too obvious for a visitor to detect that your making money out of them.

If they won’t able to view your affiliate link then the more possibility you make more money online as fast as possible.


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