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You maybe wondering why you’ve spent almost a year publishing an email newsletter but still you notice no any good results in making money online.Justify Full

Don’t be worry – you might just play the other way around that is absolutely not effective. So, pay attention to the following five helpful ways to make more money online via your ezine for the next month after.

1. Make a loud noise of your horn once more.

The saying still holds true that if you do not blow your own horn, someone will do it for you openly. If your intention is to provide relevant and quality information to your loyal readers and make a positive difference to their lives and businesses, then you're a hero for them. But how about taking care at the same time for the welfare of yourself. Get at least 20 percent of your ezine space and make it help you to make a decent money online.

You may provide promos for your products and services or affiliate programs. List your customer’s testimonials who love your promotion. Put in also your success stories to your articles. You may share something interesting and funny to talk about like your past vacation or weekend that would make your customers feel more closer to you.

2. Make an offer that nobody can refuse

Let’s assume I am one of your loyal subscribers. Even if I know that you have a great products or services, still I’m gonna to make my own action or choice. To lure me , you may offer a special time-limited deal. Such as 30% discount for the first 50 customers who avail of your products or services. Or you make the offer expire after 7 weeks period. If this will be your approach I will be more receptive to buy from you because of such scarcity strategy.

Hope you would not overlook this effective tactic being practice by a lot of internet gurus. It’s just simply an application of the law of supply and demand.

3. Package your deal at a lower price.

This is more often applied by service professionals such as trainers and consultants. Your customers know that the best way to get a quality from you is to hire you in one –on- one basis. But sadly to say majority of your customers might not afford at your high price of service. That’s why they’re more interested at lower price choices such as group training and coaching , online seminars, or simply reading an ebook.

Therefore, even if your customer can’t afford buying at your high price, you still have the best option to lower your price that majority of your customers can afford buying. Such as creating an informational ebook that laid out your step by step coaching. It may just cost them 7 dollars but to you thousands of dollars from your thousands of customers eager to buy. Thus, in this approach you make more money online as well as helping other people.

4. Promote a products or services that best complements yours.

Have you experience in a situation that your customer ask a certain product that is closely related to yours but not what your offering to them? If this happens again, you better find a good product that give you a resell rights to sell to your customer base and the one that put you a good reputation.

Refrain from recommending whatever kind of product or service that your readers would regret buying from you. It’s difficult to bring back the trust that you’ve founded for years just in this one mistake.

5. Sell ad space relevant to your offering.

Ezine ads would make you more money online as more advertisers are willing to pay from your advertising space. Majority of the ezines offer sponsor ad space at the top location and most of the classified ad space at the bottom location. Sponsor ads make you money online 3 to 6 times more compared to classified ads.

To help you find an appropriate advertiser for your advertising space, you may submit your ezine to various ezine directories online. These directories will match appropriately an advertiser and publisher.

Just always remember to make a decision that would not destroy the good perception of your customers to the quality of your ezine content. Be selective in choosing an ad that is not relevant to the readers interests. This would make you a winner!

For newbies, I highly recommend to consider the Mike Filsaime's Ezine Marketing 4 Newbies.


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