An Idiot Simple Way of Making Money In An Emergency

You can make money of at least $1,000 - $1,500 for the next few days with this very easy way.

The very first thing you do is to quickly search for some local business owners who badly need of your product or service you want to offer them. No, you will not be any doing hard calling here…they will be instead calling YOU.

Here are the following proven methods, you can immediately use to find these hungry customers.

1. At your surrounding local area you can easily find businesses by simply opening your phone book. Jot down any business you want. Later, you will make use the list to check on the internet, so keep it at your side.

2. OR make use of GoLeads to give you tons of info listing on all businesses in any geographic region you prefer. For unlimited access, just go for an investment of $15 dollars.

3. Once you have about 20 to 25 list you may surely start. Go now at check on the internet to know if they have an existing website. For those who have none, you can make a nice deal to them and make real money. We will deal this later.

And for those who have already their own websites. You get what your searching for: any kind of business website which have no capturing mechanism put on their important page.

Thus they are in need to have an autoresponder opt-in form on their important page. You are in for some instant cash, if they don’t have any installed autoresponder. How? Just simply send this letter to 10-15 prospects and see the results.


Hello Mr./Ms. _________

I’m ______________________, a local online business consultant.

I understand your time is valuable, as is mine too, so I’ll get straight right to my point. If I could show you that you could make thousands of dollars from your idle asset that you ALREADY have, would you be interested to talk with me for just 15 minutes time?

My free consultation can surely save you as much more 50% of your whole monthly advertising budget and send you a brand new clients at the same time! The best thing is that you already have it, so the investment cost to apply this marketing tool is too minimal.

Kindly call me NOW at (your number) to get a reservation schedule for a free consultation with no strings attached. I assure you, it will be a worth of your time.

Yours in business,

Your name
Contact Information


Simply, that’s it! Just prepare yourself for in time your phone will constantly ring off the hook. Avoid the temptation to send the letter by bulk. You seriously only need to mail 25 to 30 a week and you’ll be good to be busy of making money effortlessly.

And now you have the clients keep calling at you, setting a consultation appointment and see them personally is your next step. Remember the idle asset they have is their own website that has no list-building feature capabilities.

Still the statement “Money is in the List” holds true and applies across all type of businesses, not just only for online marketers. They can merely cut their advertising expenses at least half in value by building a good list. Instead of paying out $4,000 dollars for a half-page ad space. Why not make use of this advertising tool by simply sending an automatic customer blast about your upcoming sale.

Hope you still follow me here! That all you have to do is simply set up an autoresponder opt-in form on their existing website. You may use the Aweber autoresponder, which the best I could recommend because of its quick-easy installation. That’s how simple and easy, isn’t it!

It’s your choice to make use of your autoresponder account or else you provide them an aweber account using your affiliate link.

If in the case you use your own account then you have the control over their list. In either situation this more often leads to “who will be going to write up their emails” that would be another means to make money.

For all you know, I discovered that almost half of all the websites I found, would be put into the category of no capturing system. The reality this is a rampant concern at everywhere. Why? Because they simply no exact understanding of e-commerce.

On the other hand, GoLeads will give you freely the critical information of the business such as the name, number of employees, and others. You may do it at first the hard way if you love to, but I believe it’s worth the money of $15 bucks for you to use their name on the letter.

It has been proven that using their name and the following little trick will give you a triple response rates. On the front face of the envelope put a stamp “CONFIDENTIAL” in red block letters. Your letter will be treated with high regards and put them into the “open letter” pile instead of going directly into the trash can. It’s very simple technique but gives you good results more especially if you mention their name.

Bear this in mind. More often than not, people sort out their mails while standing closely near at the trash can. I know you experience it, so you believe it’s true. You need to have some message that stands out and states, “Hhhmm, this might be important to consider, I’ll set aside this and look at it later.”

What I’ve just shared you is tested and proven way to make money in a serious emergency alert from your clients. Just use your editor to copy and paste the template letter above and get speed to work it. I believe you can make it a success.

I mentioned you it was an idiot simple way and it truly works because it is really helping them, and that’s what matter most to them.


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