Mylot Maestro:Responding on Discussions

To respond in a discussion other users started, all you need to do is to look for a discussion that interests you. Click on it and the body of the discussion will appear. Make sure that you read and understand the discussion before responding. Always keep in mind that Mylot wants quality contributions. It is also advisable to read other's responder's answers before you post your own to avoid duplication of answers.

You can respond to a certain discussion by clicking on the "respond to this discussion" button and just like with posting a new discussion, a blank screen will appear and there you can write your response. The process is just the same with starting a new discussion.

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Earn Hard Cash In Mylot
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What is Mylot
Features of Mylot
How to join in Mylot
How to earn in Mylot
How earnings are calculated
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How to start and participate on discussions
Commenting on a Response
Mylot user rating & reputation
What about the Mylot reputation?
What is the DRS?
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