Mylot Maestro: Commenting on a Response

You can always comment back on a response being made. To do this, you should just choose a response to comment. Just simply click on the add comment button below the response and again a screen where you will write your comment will appear. Again, remember to post quality comment. Then, the whole process is just the same as staring and responding in a discussion.

Some more reminders:

1. Do not post jokes, recipes and poll types of questions. They are not considered as quality post. Discussions about this will be deleted.

2. Do not post discussions that will just generate a yes or no answer

3. Do not start a discussion about directly pointing to another Mylot user and do not post a discussion that will 'flame' another user.
Debate is okay but, remember to respect each other. Being rude is not fun at all.

4. Do not spam on Mylot.

5. Do not post in any other language than English. And do not criticize other member's broken English or if they have some grammatical errors. It's just fine with Mylot and I think this is one good thing about the site. People can actually improve in this field by frequently using Mylot.

These are just some of the important things to consider when participating on discussions. I still suggest you to read the Mylot discussions' guidelines to know more and to avoid committing mistakes that will surely hurt your earnings as well as your Mylot reputation.

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