Mylot Maestro: How to start and participate on discussions

As we have tackled before, members of Mylot are being paid for actively participating on discussions like starting your own topic to discuss, responding to started discussion of other users and commenting back on the responses that you have received in your posts.

Starting a discussion

To start a discussion, you have to go on the interest category that you think your topic will best suit. In there, there's a button saying start a discussion, just click it and a blank screen will appear. Now you are ready to start a topic to discuss.

When starting a discussion, keep in mind that it should not violate any Mylot guidelines for committing violation might lead deletion of your posts.

Remember the following:

1. Do a search about the topic that you wanted to start to avoid duplication of topics

2. Choose the interest category to post your topic

3. Choose a striking title that will get attention

4. In the body of your post, remember that Mylot love quality contributions. The more detailed and descriptive your post is the better.

5. Once you have completed your discussion, you have an option to preview first or post your discussion right away. If you choose the option to preview it first you will also have a chance to edit your post in case you see some mistakes or you want to change something, but when you choose to submit your post right away, you can never make any changes to it once it appears on the discussion board already.

6. You will also ask to tag your discussion or not. Tagging is advisable for it make your discussion easier to find in the future. Tag your discussion with words that have direct relation to it, it can also help you in getting some more exposure in case of searching about such words that you use in your tag. But you can also choose not to tag your work.

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