Mylot Maestro: What about the Mylot reputation?

To have a Mylot reputation, a member must achieve a 100 user ratings. The Mylot reputation is represented by a star and a number from 0-10 and 10 being the highest. There's a corresponding color of star for each number.

The biggest factor that might affect your Mylot reputation is the Discussion Rating System or DRS. Your reputation might increase or decrease depends on how you have been rated by other Mylot users. Yes, it is your co- Mylotters who will rate your posts in Mylot.

It may comes to your mind that what if someone will sabotage your Mylot reputation by repeatedly rating you negative…don't worry, because Mylot already anticipated such things to happen and that's why it will be impossible for someone to do that. Such action will just harm the member who inappropriately rated another user.

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Earn Hard Cash In Mylot
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What is Mylot
Features of Mylot
How to join in Mylot
How to earn in Mylot
How earnings are calculated
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How to start and participate on discussions
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Commenting on a Response
Mylot user rating & reputation
What is the DRS?
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