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Most of the people live in the statement that it needs money to make money. They accept it totally applicable to all situations, including in the endeavor to make money online. I remember the time when I was no job back years ago, I realized that it's too hard to make money while your pocket is empty. No matter how hard I tried to look for good money but somehow it's hiding from me totally.

When I tried to look into the online marketing my objective was to make money online from a zero investment because I couldn't afford even a dime. I spent several months to look a good method that could give me real money. After a couple of months of searching, I found the profitable idea behind the Bum Marketing Method.

Bum Marketing is the best method to promote products without worrying about money investment, a website, or other paid marketing tools that you can remember of. The attractive idea about Bum Marketing to make money online is that you don't need to be an expert writer because it's merely more about on article quantity than quality. I don't mean that you need to sacrifice quality. But giving weight to the quantity is the good strategy to get a big share of pie from the strong competition out there.

Now you have a grasp idea of what Bum Marketing is all about. Let's tackle about on how to use this method to make money online decently. The first thing to consider in this method is the product you want to promote. Choose the product that you love or even more tried before. This is too crucial because the more you trust in the product the more passionate in your writing. The passionate you are the more people will start engaging your article.

After choosing the right product of your taste, your next step is to find out the right keyword. Keywords are essential to your online success. How can you assure to make money online if search engines like google can hardly find you. Once you have determined the keywords attached for your product, you can put that in the article title, article body, and article signature. Just don't overdo it or else search engines will ban you. When the search engine found certain keyword in your title and appearing repeatedly throughout your article content you will get a better chance of your article page to be listed in the first page of search engine result.

And now the final step is to submit your articles to top article directories for free and then you're on the way to make money online decently. You will not only get a targeted traffic from article directories but as well help you get a good search engine ranking. Most of the article directories are known as authority sites and search engines give more favor on them. Some of the top article directories I used to are the following:

1. EzineArticles
2. GoArticles
3. ArticleDashboard
4. ArticleBase
5. ArticleBlast
6. AricleCity
7. EasyArticles

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