Free Twitter Guide - Step by Step Money Making Formula

Hhmm, friends you can make use of the free twitter guide, step by step money making formula or you may invest some of your dollars and shorten your learning curve by acquiring the Twitter Cash Tool.

There are so many internet marketers have made free twitter social network as the meat of their conversation. That's why I made the decision to conduct some experiments by myself. I have heard several bloggers talking more about a kind of free twitter guide - step by step formula and able to make money fast online as they wanted to.

From my serious review of the strategies they teach, I able to come up with this free twitter simple formula from my own experiment I did. You may follow this method if you want to take advantage from it.

1. Create a Twitter account. You must select a username that is closely related to your niche market. You must also upload an image, for you to be more appealing to be followed by your target market. You may also create another account for your other niches.

2. Begin following people and providing the follows of someone who got interest with you. It's more ideal if you tend to follow people on the kind of niche your targeting.

3. With free Twitter Search tool, you can follow more targeted people from the niche you've chosen by using your keywords in your search. In the search results, you may follow all the twitter users out there.

4. By using Tweetlater you can automatically follow those people who follow you and automatically also unfollow on those people who unfollow you unnoticeably.

You can make Tweetlater works on you like an email auto-responder by sending direct messages to your free twitter followers on complete autopilot with no cost at all.

Hence, you are limited to follow not more than 1000 people every single day you need to unfollow those people who did not follow you back favorably.

A good tool to perform this mundane task is to use the Huitter Mutuality to automatically do the follow and unfollow task from the free twitter application.

5. Once you've done the steps above and have a good number of free twitter followers, you can now start making money online from twitter. There are several guides on step by step ways to successfully do that on which you can read out there.

But I am going to use affiliate online programs here by doing a quick search for online affiliate products at Paydotcom.

6. Promote a product that you view as interesting to your followers by begin tweeting it out your affiliate link to them.

Just remember that it's not good twitter etiquette to simply tweet and tweet out affiliate links just to promote offers to your followers. Take a good time to establish a good conversation with other twitter users. Otherwise you suffer to make your free twitter account suspended or banned completely as you are considered as spammer who is participating out there for just a self-promotion purpose.

7. Make a schedule of your regular tweets using Tweetlater tool.

While you tend to manage the schedule to interact with other free twitter users, you can also schedule your affiliate links promotion to be twitted automatically during the time where most of your vivid followers are available online.

8. To shorten and cloak your affiliate links you may use Tweetbucks.

Tweetbucks gives you an opportunity to make money for every click that you've made on your tweets using the provided shortened link. You can also get a commission in every successful purchase made on the advertisements.

Another thing you can also use Tweetbucks to shorten your blog post address and twit it easily. And if you're followers entice to click it and read the post, you make money instantly from the click.

9. Wait for a while to cash out your earnings.

You can't expect to let all free twitter followers to click on your provided affiliate links, but a good percentage will do and some will buy from your links.

Hope this free twitter guide - step by step formula would able you to start on making decent money on twitter every single month coming. That is if you've done it properly.


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