Adsense Sandbox: Showing Targeted Ads On Your Site

We already aware that an ad displayed above the page gets the most number of clicks. Aside from this, if the webpage has not been optimized for specific keywords, you can't determine which ad unit will going to display. So, this may be considered as the ads killer of your site.

One of the most essential things I found out was to modify the page content with some keywords. Having ads ranked for a specific keyword is one of the factors to concentrate your ads or you just simply throwing your ad dollars in the wind for nothing.

I'm so grateful for all the valuable tools Google provides to me, and Google Adsense preview tool is one of it.

Google Adsense preview tool is one of the features of Windows Internet Explorer 6.x. It provides you the ads preview that may display on a certain webpage. This will help you to make a sound decision on whether to put an Adsense to your website pages.

Sad to say, it is only available to internet explorer. You must also open the page before seeing the results. Obviously, it's not suited to my appetite. So I have been considering another tool available on the net.

I've tried Amit Agarwal's Google Adsense Sandbox. With this tool, you can able to view the result in every various Adsense format. You can see also on which ads display the best. I'm sure it would kick ass through.

However if you're convince to try it by yourself, then give us a voice of comments below of how you find the free service helpful to you.


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