Using Your Simple Website To Make Money Online

You are stuck wondering how everyone else seems to make money online except you. Feeling desperate much more looking at your simple black and white website, no traffic, and no sales generated at all.

Just be cool, there's another way you can make make money online without any hard selling involved. Adsense will certainly give you a way to make money online successfully without any hassle. Just plug in the code to your website and allow the extra bucks of money coming in from your website. You may head over at to get more information and get registered.

Getting your website approved with Adsense is not difficult as you think. Just remember the following helpful tips to get your website approved easily.

1. Must have a valuable content and not just plainly a sales website.

2. It may not have too appealing design but it must look presentable to the visitors and not have too many pictures or images, large videos, and more animations.

3. Must have at least 15 to 20 pages of fresh content.

4. Your site must not be under construction stage.

5. No broken links found in your website

In an instance your website doesn't get the required 15 to 20 pages, it is advisable to search an article related to your website content from the following:

Simply choose some articles that are relevant to your website, make a copy to your website template and upload your new articles to your server. Just make sure that you make a link to them from anywhere on your website.

You can make the most out of it after a while you are approved for Adsense. Finding the highest paying keywords related to your site and creating content pages around those targeted keywords would be considered the best way to make money out of Adsense.

After writing a keyword-based article you can immediately submit to any of the above sites mentioned. Articles are known to be an effective way to get a high search engine position. Your articles might be put into other people websites , which gives you a higher google page rank as well as more incoming visitors.

To search for a good keywords for your own website, you may use this free tool I'm long time using.

You go over on looking for keyword phrases instead of searching for just single keyword. Because that is the most targeted searches made by people and hungry for info. For example: use the keyword phrase “how to make money online”, instead of just the keyword “money”, which is too broad and have a fierce competition.

Let say you have now the bunch of good keywords, I advise you to better find out the worth of that keywords to you. You may use the Google Adwords to know how much people are willing to pay to just let their ads viewable in the highest position on the search engine result pages. It will cost you a $5 dollar investment in signing up for Google Adwords. This would be a best investment because you will be using this primarily for finding the highest targeted paying keywords, so it won't cost you additional more, unless you likely use it for advertising.

Next, you set up a dummy adwords campaign (learn more on this at adwords site). After setting up the campaign, the next thing to do is copy the list of keywords (you may use the Adwords Keyword tool there) and paste it directly in the space provided for your keywords in the campaign you've created. And then click the Save button.

You will then be asked on how much you are willing to pay for the keywords. Don't get mad, you aren't paying for anything, just enter a guess amount here to continue. Now have a click on Calculate Estimates. And now here, you've get the information that you are after, the number of searches for each specific keyword as well as the average cost per click and others. Basically the average cost per click is what other people are bidding just to get a high listings.

So that you could manipulate and extract the information you need, you better copy that page and paste it to your spreadsheet.

You may delete the unnecessary columns from your spreadsheet such as the cost a day, average position and others, but keep at watch to remain the columns with your keyword descriptions, average clicks per day, and the average cost per click columns.

You make your spreadsheet clean from unnecessary data, you may also delete the rows of keywords with zero clicks or else the bid is only at $0.40. Once your done weeding out all the junk or unimportant keywords, you surely have now a list of gold!

At this time you will be able to look at the highest paying keywords as well as the phrases getting the most clicks. You could choose the keywords that get the most search volume , even if they aren't the highest paying keywords. After all, you may go for writing a content around the keyword phrase.

You are now done creating the content, then upload it to your website. If you find your content is suitable for an article, I suggest to submit it to the top article directories as I explained above.

Just do this regularly, keep on submitting articles regularly, keep adding new content to your website, and just watch happily on how your money constantly increases.

Now you have no room for excuses not anymore to make money online!


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