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It’s my hobby to update regularly this blog with at least one post per day, making 6 posts per week.

I intend to keep and increase the momentum of my content updating for long-term perspective. But I find it difficult to work it alone of writing and publishing a new post every single day for long term. That’s why, I’m expecting for your help.

For this blog to deliver always a fresh content to readers, your service as a guest writer would be a great contribution to this blog. Anybody can submit a guest post for publicity on this blog. Considering the post is quality and related to the theme of MakeMoneyFastAtOnline.blogspot.com, I will favorably accept and publish it here freely.

What can you get in publishing a guest post here?

Targeted Traffic from Search Engine

You will soon get targeted flow of traffic from major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN from MakeMoneyFastAtOnline.blogspot.com. I have an SEO core team to concentrate on optimizing this blog for the main keyword “make money” with a high search volume of 2,240,000 at google alone. What a huge potential traffic?

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An anchor text link of your choice and your website url will be included in your guest post. You have a freedom to put your links anywhere from your guest post . Either you prefer to place it in the content or in your author bio. I respect your decision.

Free Quality Backlinks

Your links will stay permanently in this blog. It’s up to you what anchor text to get a link back to your site or blog. Just make it sure your site or blog is thematically or relevant to this blog. If that will be so, I’m sure Google will see it and count as a quality backlink to your site or blog. Thus, help improving your Google page rank.

The relevant or thematically related topics you to choose from are make money online, online business, blogging, website testimonials, affiliate programs, online advertising, Adsense, Adwords, online freelancing, data entry, e-commerce, and any other related topics closely related to these interests.

I openly accept both long and short blog posts. An informative blog post, or a how-to articles must have a length of at least 450 words.

I found a quite number of websites and affiliate programs paying people to do something else on the Internet. If you used them last time or knowing about these websites. You may write your experience here and give an honest testimonials of how the program has successfully helped you. The favored length for this type of posting is at least 250 words . Kindly, double check the program you are writing for is genuine and legitimate. Avoid paid to surf, paid to read and the like .. Also avoid review style post that advertise a paid program or system. Your post must be more on sharing your experience and providing a sufficient info on how the program works at you.

I honor only a unique and fresh blog posts that can’t be found anywhere.

If you have an interest to submit a guest post, feel free to send your post with your author bio and link details to me at : makemoneyfastatonline.admin@gmail.com


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