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"I am full time housewife and no kids yet. I stopped working after I get married because I have to go with my husband's work assignment and he told me not to work anymore. We agreed on such decision and I don't regret it.

But since we don't have kids yet, there are times that I really feel bored in the house especially after I have finished all my house works. I have been into many online games and social networks but still I get bored. I am just glad that a friend introduced Mylot to me.

Mylot has changed my life in some way. It takes my boredom away and it gives me room for improvement. I am so happy to know about Mylot and being in the community makes my internet life a much better. And having been paid for many times already is an additional bonus for me! Mylot is definitely one of my most favorite site to earn and with great friends too!"

Ckyera, 29 years old
Member since 2 years ago

"Mylot is an interesting site, unlike typical forum whereby there are not much interactions between users.. Plus layout of Mylot is simple and easy to navigate around. In terms of paying, Mylot is always on time and has never disappoint me"

kun2349, 26 years old
Member since 3 years ago

"Mylot have helped me in many ways, I have come to meet new friends from different places. The learning experience and the friendship that I got is just so priceless. And what makes it even better that other social networking sites is the fact that e are being paid on time! What a great experience I have in Mylot!"

Kings88, 37 years old
Member since 2 years ago

"As a wife and soon to be mom, Mylot have helped me a lot. I have come to meet friends from different countries. It helps me in many ways. It kills my boredom away since I am usually left alone in the house. I have found a way to spend my free time productively. I like the learning experiences and the advices that I get from other Mylot members.

I have already earned some from Mylot and I am happy with it. Mylot is my first & only earning place online."

Acie_21, 22 years old

"I'm a mom and I am working too and am doing Mylot from office only. I have two kids and they never allowed me to sit with computer at home so I could not work from home in Mylot so far. I have gathered much knowledge from Mylot. I have met nice people and good friends there. Mylot is place to get relief from tensions. Some days my mood is out and can't participate in discussions but I just go through the topics and other's responses it can give me great relief. Mylot has given many parental tips and some great moms had given me bright ideas to nurture my son's talents in studies. I have delighted to get that lovely and meaningful advises. I am also happy that I was also able to get some 'extra' from participation in Mylot."

Sreekala, 38 years old India
Member since 3 years ago

"For so many reasons Mylot is my first social site that I could not afford to forget and turn down. Though it gives me an incentives by being active on posting

discussions and responding others, the most that I like is the opportunity that given me to win lots of friends internationally. I've been through from lots of social sites that also gave me good online business but I won't let the day pass without dropping at my favorite Mylot. This is the only social site that I knew that enhanced and improved my writing ability by actively participating every discussions posted. It is free to join, why not discover it yourself?"

Mobhomeir, 51 years old
Member since 2 years ago

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