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Okay, before I proceed in discussing about Mylot, let me first tackle some other ways to earn online.

In my years of working online, I have come across to many ways and many sites to work and earn online. I have been a member of those Paid to click sites, I think I have registered to more than 50 sites all in all. But right now, I am just active in only 1 or 2 sites.

PTC's are a very easy work to do because you will just be clicking ads from the site you joined in, and they are paying a cent for every click made. Very small amount but it will still accumulate and can be bigger in the long run, not bad at all for a starter. The only problem with PTC sites is that there are a lot of them and many have turned to be a scam site already not paying their members. So be careful.

We also have those Affiliate programs, where you will be get paid in promoting a site or a product. Working as an affiliate do offer good amount of money, but it's not an easy task to do. Earnings are based on commission and if you don't get someone to join in, then no earnings. This is one kind of marketing online that requires some tools in order to be successful, lots of patience and a bit of luck. And sad to say, I have no luck on it.

I have come across as well to those HYIP sites or High Yield Investment Programs. It also offers handsome amount of money but it's too risky because you will need to invest some amount. And you must also be very careful with it because many have been reported as scam sites running their members' investments. I am kinda scared for this kind of program so I leave it alone.

We also have those paid to promote sites where you will be paid depends on the number of clicks that your promotional link get. Like a cent for every thousand click. Something liked that.
And many more, we have those captcha works, data entry, survey and many more. But then again, with some earning sites they require some purchase or not available in some parts of the world which is frustrating some times.

Another one that's popular and where I think Mylot belongs is those paid to socialize or paid to post site. Actually Mylot is a combination of both. It's a social site where you will be get paid by participating on discussions by posting and sharing your thoughts and doing some other stuffs on the site. I also think that Mylot will be the best site to start earning online. This is one site that I will recommend for those moms and other people who are just starting or want to start earning online.

A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Earn Hard Cash In Mylot
What is Mylot
Features of Mylot
How to join in Mylot
How to earn in Mylot
How earnings are calculated
How & when do you get paid in Mylot
How to start and participate on discussions
Responding on Discussions
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Mylot user rating & reputation
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