Mylot Maestro: How to earn in Mylot

Before I continue, let me remind you that Mylot will not make you rich with money, it will just give you an additional income but one thing I am sure of, it will make you rich with friends and knowledge.
Anyway, even if earnings are not that huge, you can still do something to maximize it and here are some ways to do so:

Participate on discussions

The most common way of earning from Mylot is through participation on discussions. After all it's a site that pays for what we posted, pays for sharing our opinions and knowledge.

When we say participate, this includes starting your own topic to discuss, respond on the discussions others started and commenting back to the responses that you get.

Remember that you are being paid for what you post. So be active in this area and make sure that you are posting quality posts. Quality means that your posts have relevance to the topic being discussed and not a one liner post. Also be reminded that Mylot encouraged its members to have a discussion on its real sense and not just post for the sake of posting.

If you will posts quality post, discuss with friends and other Mylotters on different matters, and just enjoy what you are doing, I can assure to you that you will be earning good.

Earn through Referrals

Having a referral is one great way of earning some more from Mylot. If you have an active referral, it will surely give you a passive income.

You can earn an additional 25% from what your referral have been earned. So the more referral you have, the more active they participate, the more likely you will earn better.

And for the downlines, don't worry because the 25% is not deducted in your earnings, it's an additional amount that Mylot give to your upline for bringing you to Mylot. So it's a win- win situation on both sides.

Use the Mylot search bar

This is the latest addition in Mylot's earning program. A member has a chance of getting a reward by just using the Mylot search bar. The Mylot search bar functions just like the other search bar, with the use of it, you can easily search for discussions, news, blog article, photos, private messages and even websites.

But be careful not to abuse the use of this search bar just to get a reward, because Mylot has its way of detecting abuse of this feature and might be a cause of deletion of account. Use Mylot search bar the way you normally use the other search bars.

Do a task

Doing a task in Mylot is one great way of boosting your earnings. There are a lot of tasks available for its members. Some tasks offer a tempting $2-$4 for every task accomplished, and accepted by the creator.

There are some members who have been successful in this field and thus they give more focus on it. They say that doing tasks make it easier to reach the minimum payout for each month. So I suggest you to check on Mylot tasks from time to time to see if there's a task available for you.

Upload a photo

You can also have an additional earning by uploading a photo in the discussions. To earn from a photo, you must be sure that the photo that you uploaded have relevance to the topic and that it does not violate any Mylot rules & guidelines with regards to using of photos
Those were some of the ways of how you can earn from Mylot. Some other way is by commenting on news articles and comment and discuss on blogs in Mylot. Submission of your blog to Mylot will help you get more exposure to readers, which is a good thing.

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