Mylot Maestro: Features of Mylot

1. Customize your profile in Mylot

You can customize your Mylot profile according to your liking. You can put some of your favorite videos, upload photos, put a link of your own website. Let your profile page reflects your character.

2. User friendly discussion board

Mylot has a discussion board that's really easy to use. You can easily search discussions in there which are categorized into: my started discussion, my friend's started discussion, recent discussions, today's top discussions, new user's started discussion and no response discussions.

Mylot's discussion board is very much different and better than any other forum sites.

3. Customize your internet experience.

You can set Mylot as your homepage for easier access to latest news, blogs and discussions according to what you preferred. Mylot also have weather too.

4. Comment and discuss on the latest news in the world

5. Comment and discuss on blogs.

And you can also submit your own blog to Mylot. This will be a good idea to get more reader for your blog.

6. Search Bar

Mylot search bar is powered by yahoo and so you can be sure to have a comprehensive search whether on websites, discussions, images and even private messages.

7. Socialize and meet new friends

You can build a lasting friendship with other Mylot members. The private messaging feature in Mylot will also help in building better relationship. What's great about it is that you can choose whom to include in your friend's lists. This way you can surely avoid those spammers.

8. Pay their members just by sharing their knowledge and opinion

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Responding on Discussions
Commenting on a Response
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Summary and Conclusion


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