Investment Ideas For Newbies

Most of the newbies believe that investing on stock market is a great money making engine and find themselves to the thousands of investment ideas laid out there that give broken promises to make millions of dollars overnight. Those guys selling you the investment ideas are the only ones who make such millions from your pocket.

More people are into the believing that there is no free money and that you need to do the work. Especially in the stock market investment wherein you must have money to make some more. It means that you can't expect your $100 dollars to increase to $500,000 dollars in just a couple of months. However, the fact is no amount is little enough to begin with. There are several options to make that little amount to something even bigger.

The rule number one is you need to have a good amount of money you can freely put into stock market investment. Remember, your single $100 dollars won't get you to be a millionaire in your retirement, however if you can give in $100 dollars constantly into your investment account and ready to take the risk then there is a good chance of getting out there.

Next thing to do is to open an investment trading account through an internet brokerage firm. There are several choices available online that charge you from $4 dollars to $12 dollars commission per trade. Select the one that suits you best.

For newbies, I would suggest to go with $4 to $7 per trade ones, since we will be trading with little amounts to start with. Please consider that some of these trading choices will only allow you to trade during a specific time frame of the day. So if you like to trade anytime of the day then it might be the right choice for you. Others need a minimum amount that you need to open an account, however you can make use of the money to begin trading ones your investment is open.

So how much money should you put into investment. It should be your money that you can afford to lose, the money that won't affect your survival means. So it should be the money that you have left after you've paid your water bills, house payments, and etc.

Lastly the one of the most essential investment ideas you need to know of is "Stop-Loss". It's the maximum amount of money that you're ready to lose on specific stock. Just simply don't get too attached with stocks or else it hurts you severely. Decide a stop loss of say 10% and anytime the stock goes below then sell it and move on to the next one. You may consider several opinions out there on where to put rightly the stop loss concept.


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