How To Make Money Online With No Website

You may find it difficult to believe but it's really possible to make money online without the hassle of creating your own website. It may go opposite to everything you believe about on how to make money online. Here I show to you the proven method for doing so.

The first step you need to do is to register an affiliate for a certain product. Be sure the product gives you a good commission from every sale made. Choose digital products that people can easily download to their computer after they buy like for example an e-book or software. Digital products give you high commissions because there's no other cost to worry about such an shipping fees.

After you registered to be an affiliate, you get your own affiliate link where you can direct people to purchase the affiliate product. The affiliate link has the code that uniquely assigned to you by the product owner so as to track you commissions made. This is how you will make money online.

The next step is to get a domain name for you to redirect your affiliate link. There are several options of a very affordable domain name service provider available that will give you the freedom to redirect your domain name to your assigned affiliate link with no additional cost needed. Every time people type in your domain name in an internet browser, they will be immediately redirected to your own affiliate link where they will find the website of the affiliate product you're promoting.

The last step is to find good ways to drive traffic to your domain name. You may resort for paid advertising such as pay-per-click or by using free way of advertising such as submitting various articles to major directories.

This is only the fundamental guidelines on how to make money online and I believe you will make a good start if done properly.


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