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Lately, as I was completing my other blog post entry I got informed by a friend about the good announcement from Google and Youtube. The two internet giants have agreed to join forces to give a high level of service for Youtube and Adsense enthusiasts.

The Adsense on Youtube service provides website owners or bloggers the great opportunity to make more money online by putting a Youtube player on their respective websites or managed blogs. The player will display videos and also show ads on it as provided by Google Adsense program.

Registering the program is too easy especially if you have already used Google Adsense. This is done by simply adding the program into your account.

After registering the program, you will be answering some simple questions and be given with the tools to make a customized player tailored to your site. There are several options of player's sizes available for posting as well as various color choices. The options are very well compatible for any kind of websites. Once the information done, you must click on a particular box in order to get the code intended for your player. Simply copy and place the code on your website or blog and there instantly it's running and gives you another source of revenue from your site.

Here are the following good points I found on this Adsense on Youtube program:

1. Easy to register.

2. Simple to use.

3. Boost generation of sales and leads.

4. Provide the choice to choose the type of advertisers to be placed on your player.

5. Allow to add specific keyword to match the suitable ads on your player.

6. More and more options to customize the player are in the plans of both Youtube and Google.

So for any website that is using Youtube videos, I recommend you to consider trying this new program - adsense on youtube- and see how bad it brings good profits to your website.


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